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Today Apple announced three brand new iPhones, the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max, and a more “budget” iPhone XR. They also announced a new generation of Apple Watches, series…


  1. If Steve Jobs came back from the dead the first thing he would say would be “what the hell have you done?”

  2. no camera. the new watch still sucks as every other previous gen.everyone wants a camera on it. apple still doesn't care about people needs.

  3. Its called Apple buyback lol… with Apple Buyback you can return your iphone 8 and get the XR for $400 essentially or your X and get the XS for around $500, granted they are in good condition… they are trying to keep people within the Apple family forever. Which, if you take good care of your phone and can get max return on it from Apple, this does seem to be the most logical way to buy your phones. I would undoubtedly pay $400 to upgrade from an 8 to an XR. However, if you don't take good care of your previous iPhone or you are an Android user I can see how this price point could seem steep… they do it for a reason though! Apple wants lifetime customers that return their old products in good condition so they can re-use the parts to save money and recycle to rest to save the environment

  4. I'm waiting for iGlass where Apple removed all the components except the screen. No cpu, No ram & rom, No gpu, just glass. And it's 1500$.

  5. Staying with my iPhone 6s+ for now though I am interested in the Apple Watch s4.

  6. Leave it to Apple to create a "black box" in their watch to record your fall 🙂

  7. Dual-sim functionality is present in low-end segment for years.

  8. I hate the Face ID bezel takes up the screen so dumb and love how Apple disable comments on YouTube videos 😒

  9. Apple is a piece of shit I have used up till now they are getting greedy so that’s it I’m done wen I go to upgrade it will be a 0 dollar phone not falling for ther shit wen you get greedy you lose Apple in Canada you have to take out a mortgage on a phone goodbye Apple hello 0 dollar contract phone

  10. I will buy the NEXT best iPhone
    I have a X rn
    So, next year gonna buy the XI Max or watever it's gonna be named
    Like if UR doing the same 🙂

  11. Apple should have used one of these phones to go true edge to edge. Stopping calling a phone with a huge black border around the screen and giant notch edge to edge. It’s not. Apple could have used one of these phones to do some new innovation. A true edge to edge with a redesign touch button on the front or the side of t he phone. Apple is not innovating. Look at the MacBook. You can look at the 2009 model and it looks almost identical to the 2017. Apple needs to do better and shows like this need to demand better.

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