iPhone XS Max: EVERYTHING You NEED To Know – In 90 Seconds! ?

The iPhone XS Max is finally here! Apple has officially made the iPhone XS Max announcement and there’s a lot of iPhone XS Max specs and info to take in. In this Apple Event iPhone XS Max review, we’ll go over the iPhone XS Max reveal, iPhone XS Max trailer, iPhone XS Max colors, iPhone XS Max camera, iPhone XS Max price, and iPhone XS Max tech specs to summarize EVERYTHING you need to know about the new iPhone XS Max in 90 seconds or less! I hope you enjoy this iPhone XS Max summary and…


  1. I had the iPhone X. Loved it, but come on Xs max?? Wow! Bigger screen is a must!! I love mine!

  2. OK- I watched your video with this beast ( XS/Mas,) I must say, it is amazing!!! Super fast and amazing display!!! Again you look very clear I can see your nice hairs kidding ?. It is a high end toy and so far i am extremely happy.

  3. I don’t know why they couldn’t go with a 128GB version. 64 just isn’t enough anymore

  4. Bro, where did your live video of the announcement go? I was halfway through and was looking forward to watching the rest after work and looks like you removed it =( I prefer the in-depth stuff instead of this 90-second stuff btw

  5. I'm watching so many iPhone XS Max videos right now trying to keep awake for preorders!! I'm so excited for the gold version and matching stainless steel gold watch. I've been waiting all year for this! haha – Need that watch right now, my heart can't take the go-live scramble

  6. OMGGG I CANT BELIEVE ITTTT That looks so kewwwlllllllllllll I wanna hold it ?? rnnnn

    And I want some coffee too — gonna make some now ?

  7. I can’t wait for you to post a review! ? I love your reviews, even if I’ve already used the product you’re reviewing I always learn something new ?? I’ve been thinking about this phone all day I’m not sure if I want to pre-order it ? I’ll try to wait a few weeks to see if it doesn’t have any issues ?

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