iPhone XS Max Leather Case Review

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Intro & Outro by Yorge Abbott
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  1. I have an order for the saddle brown leather case for my Xs max. Had the same color for my 7 plus, and in my opinion is by far the best color. When you think leather you think brown, or black.

  2. I ended up getting an Apple Folio case for the Max. I totally dig it! With my last iPhone (5S) I used an off-brand leather case but it didn’t feel nearly as nice in the hand as this one.

  3. I prefer to see the gold in the back this case is good I love leather product but makes the phone like nothing new that’s why I prefer invisible cases save the money and buy one at amazon

  4. Garbage like everything else that comes from this company. Disposable cheaply nice looking junk is what defines Apple products.

  5. Never wud have thot I’d enjoy this video but I did. And I learned stuff. Thanks Michael very good!

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