iPhone Xs Max – UNBOXING & REVIEW!

iPhone Xs Max – UNBOXING & REVIEW! Apple iPhone Xs Max (not plus or 10) the larger Gold model from the 2018 new iphone Xs (not Xr) This video is my unboxing & first lookimpressions hands on review! I look at the design, camera, battery, display! Also what we learnt at the official apple live launch 2018! One week later after the launch! I will have a comparison video vs the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, oneplus 6 and iphone x hopefully soon! Price, specs / specifications details all…


  1. FFS are you kidding me AUD  
    It's a phone FFS
    Associatedmy-phonez on 22/10/2018 – 11:40

    RRP for XS Max 64GB = $1799
    RRP for XS Max 256GB = $2049
    RRP for XS Max 512GB = $2369

  2. I appreciate your thorough unboxing and review! I am an android person, but flexible due to being legally blind. Just trying to see what's out there and what will work best for me. Your video was very helpful for me.

  3. Man i love this phone . very nice and beautiful phone in the world . i love it . and I'm a real apple lover . i love this phone .💓👌👌👍👍

  4. If you didn't think the Note9 was worth it after a month, these iPhones are even more expensive, and you get less. Not worth it.

  5. i thought i would missed the finger print but i dont and i only had my max for 2 days. the more i dont have to touch my phone to get it to work the better for me. i like the way i have to look at my max to get it to open. this is not the only thing i like about this phone. it is well worth the price for me.

  6. Apple here’s a idea!!! Get rid of the volume notches all buttons!! You need me on your team

  7. I love that video. You know what you talking about, yet your not to extra, you don't hesitate to get strait to throw point. That deserves a subscribe! 💯

  8. Apple’s new £1,249 iPhone XS Max ‘costs just £337 in parts’ so you sheep are idiots! Mind control is easy on you feeble minded people.

  9. "Build Quality" That's hilarious….. every time I sit on the Tube in London and I see someone with an iPhone…they have a cracked screen…. Its only premium until you drop it. 😂😂😂

  10. Are you seriously saying previous iphones recorded video with mono sound???? My Samsung S8 has stereo recoding. No dual sim on this phone, one is an e sim

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