iPhone XS Max vs Samsung S9 Plus – Speed Test! Which is Faster?

iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus speed test comparison!

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iPhone XS:
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Samsung S9:
Samsung S9+:

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  1. The iPhone XS specifications are slightly better for games but Samsung is better for mostly everything else

  2. It is the developer's fault for not optimising the app properly for android not Android's

  3. That's why i bought samsung S9 Plus
    I love it thanks Samsung very easy and useful

  4. apple and samsung. I hv both of them(x and s9+)but I still prefer apple.I dnt knw why.both of them are the best (my opinion)the one thing I knw is tht they both are better than the chinese shithole phones.except the huawei flagships

  5. I like Android, Iphone XS max Stands for Super Expensive. 1 439 dollar 🤯

  6. I have a iPhone 5s and I used to have a Samsung before and I loveeee my Samsung more than the iPhone! But both of them r very nice but the Samsung is easier and amazing !!!👌

  7. not a fair test at all as the apps have different loading screens on different platforms, not a very good test considering u just open apps and see which opens first when it's obvious that they are made different with different platforms so it would fit the phone better, not to mention this test does not test the limits of both phones and how they would operate under different hard conditions

  8. i was apple fan but i am not blind apple fan i can see iphone is shit now…iphone is now just an expensive piece of garbage and who ever buys iphone is a dumb fuck….overpriced and shit performance apple worst product

  9. The games and other apps are heavier in the android devices because there are a lot of different variants, image sizes, graphic capabilities, etc…
    In iOS they make the apps exactly for he only mobile they make. This makes it lighter and faster to download, install and run.
    it's no 'cause it's a better phone.
    The exclusive apps of the Note 9 runs better there than any other device.

  10. Amature logics.
    Dude really.
    90% of these tests are about ur fucking internet speed and whom you connected.

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