iPhone XS One Month Later: Good Phone, POOR Value

iPhone XS review! Here we go!
Every manufacturer makes claims about their products, but Apple is makes a HUGE claim about their smaller, premium, iPhone XS by attaching a HUGE price tag. Judging value is extremely difficult (and often very personal), but let’s break down the pros and cons one month later. Does the iPhone XS live up to its price tag?
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  1. Since people have trouble keeping things civil, it's worth repeating the rules. This is a 22 minute video, where I'm laying out specific arguments and concerns. I am TOTALLY down for debate and lively, even heated, discussion. Let's do that. That's fun when folks actually listen and respond to arguments. I've had my mind changed a few times thanks to vigorous debate. However, if your only response to the points in this review is to insult, label people shills, or call people haters, then you will be banned. No warnings. No exceptions. I only seem to have this problem on Apple and Samsung videos. If you need a guide on how to conduct yourself, I can point you to the comments sections of less SEO popular gadgets where people don't seem to have as many problems debating the pros and cons of a gadget. Let's have some fun folks!

  2. Your paying more to compensate Apple decline i phone sales. This is why they are now longer releasing phones sales numbers.

  3. I keep hearing one-plus however, wasn’t one their last phones discontinued? Oh and also wasn’t waterproof and of course because nobody bought it there are hardly any protective or waterproof cases for the phone that is exactly half the cost and isn’t available on the major wireless carriers. Yeah sign me up. Im not in love with everything Apple does but your also acting like there aren’t other people doing the same exact things like Samsung and whoever manufactured the Mate Rs. How much are those phones again? Come on bro. Sometimes it’s all preference.

  4. In my honest opinion, the Only thing Apple has is in it's favor is imessage, and the typically 5 years of software updates, that may be enough for the family and friends that I know that use iPhones, but for me it's not, the lack of customization with a iPhone is numbing, lol and it's locked down like a criminal.

  5. Speaking of tech, come on. We all adjust to things. Look at cars. Look at all the things that have changed over the years. Almost no car has an actual key anymore. Gear shifters are changing. Motion activated everything, etc. get out of your way and adopt. It’s easy to use.

  6. I don’t know. I was one who fought the removal of the home button; till I got the X. Had it for 11 months and I do have issues with these phones , but I tried an 8 plus for a week or so and I’m so used to the gestures I had to go back to the new phones so I traded in for an XR. My biggest issue is not the gesture or lack of home button. That’s easy. It’s the control center and navigation menus being hard to pull down without assistive touch on. Having them only be accessed by pulling down from the very top is my issue.

  7. It's very apparent that Steve Jobs is dead
    Dude just don't buy that's all u can do
    Apple has ruined the market man 1000 $ flagships
    No headphone jacks notches! And I hate companies that are copying apple

  8. Thanks for the great video Juan, if anyone would go to another channel checking a review like yours (Xs) they would say haaaaaa great phone and usually are really shallow reviews

  9. Very well elicited! Great job on the views!

    The black and white montage are hilarious man! Lmao

    The only argument I get from Apple users is how easy it is to transfer files among Apple products and Ecosystem quality. I don't know that we have cloud computing and storage on every freaking device with a screen and an os! Lol

  10. iPhones are good to great, but I feel like they do things because they can and not because they should. Because they know people will still buy it. I miss what Apple was back with the 4s/5. And this is coming from an android user

  11. You totally nailed the issues I felt when I was helping a friend setup his new iPhone. He's not a techno savvy guy so needed my help and I've never used an iPhone before but it wasn't too hard to figure out. But there were some things that simply grate me like not having an app drawer and being unable to free form arrange the icons on the home screen like I could on Android. Though this can probably be fixed with some utility app. I also still prefer an actual home button with fingerprint ID on the front where I find the ergonomics work better. The notch is too large and Apple should try to shrink it to leave more screen real estate at the top to show notifications and other information like battery percentage. Part of my dissatisfaction may just stem from my unfamiliarity to iPhone but I find the overall navigation oddly unintuitive. I often struggle to just find the back button to go back a screen or struggle to get back to the home screen. One more feature I find useless is the pressure sensitive function. I can distinguish between a soft and hard touch but my technology challenged friend struggles with it. I would imagine this would be useful to artists or certain apps that make better use of it but I find it to be more of a hindrance than helpful. I prefer technology that's more intuitive and efficient in use and am willing to sacrifice some aesthetics to achieve that. But that's just my opinion.

  12. I agree with you 110/100. I can accept the hardware and the price if only iOS isn't so RETARDED. Like, literally.

  13. So true very poor value not even close to what other flagships offer it’s like people will buy anything Apple sales them I just don’t get why they are still so successful even though they rob their consumers the most

  14. Hi Juan, love your work.

    What would be a genuine eye opener for all, possibly even yourself is if you did this.

    – Review privacy, permission, misuse of data etc by OS.
    Example, compare Chrome to Safari. Chrome even has an auto log in feature, so those “thinking” they browse in private, often in fact are logged into their gmail account, which, logs some users and devices into chrome also…without consent or awareness. Also, checkout how often Chrome sends data to Google when your are NOT even using it or the phone. It’s something like 50 times per minute, Apple is something like 3-4 times per minute.

    – Dig into why google devices are cheaper, it’s often thought of in my old industry (IT&T) as the user, their life, their patterns, their data etc ARE the product. Apple do not do that.
    – Dig into what Googles “free” photo cloud storage permissions allow. Here is one, they can use your personal image for anything they like. So pic of your kids, could well appear on a weather box. You have no recourse,
    – Look into what they allow Apps like FB to do by OS, it’s very different.

    To be clear, Apple is no saint. However when you compare the two, it’s stark in the differences towards respect and privacy. Google have almost none.. they say it’s anonymous etc however with so much data, they can easily data log you down to the street, address, key strokes and more. With black hats everywhere, who would you rather have looking after your personal info?

    Anyone who replies with that “if you don’t have anything to hide” sort of ignorant response especially needs to look into this. Does ANYONE need to know what your child looks like? Because you post a FB pic of your child, did you know you gave permission for them to log your child as a new “product” and market them directly using various data logging means and approach via the lure of fee online games etc to get them to “play” games, by the way, then playing a game means you accepted thousands of clauses yet you are not old enough to read… so please do not give me that “I don’t care because I don’t have anything to hide” or “everyone does it” because on,y the most disrespectful do it to these lengths. Again, Apple don’t and they are at any time the worlds No 1 or 2 most successful Company. Google wrestles with them for 1 or 2 on that list, they just have different approaches with regard to respecting people’s basic rights.

    Now I own and have used nearly every device that is cool or cutt8ng edge, regardless of OS dating back to Palm, Psion, Symbian, WM etc days. It’s a disease 🙂 for me.

    Just saying, your approach is cool, this is another way to deceminate the OS wars and differences for the lamen to consider.

  15. when i see a screen protector on a phone i just know that the reviewer has bought it with his own money.

  16. I love you Juan, but don't even try to be like flossy by mocking him. You're like a lg v20, great in audio but still not even close to him as he is galaxy note 9. I agree with your comment on this phone tho.

  17. I don't use an iPhone, but I find the constant refrain that it's "apple's fault" because other companies copy what they do just silly. Instead of bashing apple, we should be focused on holding other companies to task for copying bad ideas, whomever creates them.

  18. man u r on fire like a galaxy note 7….awesome video and good points there p.s im not an fandroid or i sheep…i love tech period no matter the platform, brand etc.

  19. He is weighing all the negatives extra heavy, and he can. These things should be pointed out. And he can make himself more credible by addressing the flaws and faults in android which are plenty as well. I'm not here to take a stand against Android. But parties should be pointed out.
    Now a few things that made twist my stomach… his preach against removing the home button. Eversince Iron man I wanted something an mobile phone that comes close to a full display. I don't want buttons on the front. And I understand that for most people change is difficult, and keeping an open and even harder. But I and many other people are complementing the ideas of many companies going bezel less. So even though it's a pain for him and he packaging it in a way so you feel his misfortune about missing the button. Then there is his issues with face-ID
    I live on an tropical island and wear sunglasses all the time but never had any issues with unlocking my phone.
    Whereas with Touch ID and getting out of the beach or your swimming pool you have to dry your hands and eventually entering the passcode.
    Then the third, but this one is not only this guy, is the goddamn headphone jack.
    It's 2018, we have bezel less phones and more processing power than laptops, can make stellar photos without carrying heavy bulky photo gear and now after processing your photos. And then you complain about companies removing technology older then most of us? Really?!
    The good thing about Apple and they are the only one that offers an array of solution… AirPods, the Beats collection. and an W2 ship to make it as easy as possible.
    On the other hand, all the companies that adopted removing the headphone jack, what did they offer? Nothing!
    Then there is the price, and yes it's steep. But hey nobody is forcing you to buy Apple. Then don't buy it. It was an premium brand and they will continue on that road for the future ahead. So if you can't afford it, there are plenty
    other options that offers great quality for value… In my opinion the OnePlus 6T will do that!
    Now Apple came with the iPhone XR and they will steal customers from google, samsung, and the lot, simply because people like it, the want to be associated with the brand, that one of Apple's most value asset.
    Because of it, people will be attracted to apple much more than to Google Pixel 3 or Huawei.
    So just because this guy find it an steep price, doesn't mean it's hasn't value.
    For example the Pixel 3 in my opinion has bad hardware, bad/lazy design, superior software but an steep price. I don't think that is justified. And now the release of the OnePlus 6T. it shows great value.
    Than the last thing is the perception of the consumer with each brand. If the the iPhone XS max was $800. The
    perception of the price/value would be lost and people won't buy all iPhones because most other phones are priced in around the $800,$900. So they have to keep that perception up.

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