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  1. Yes this video makes my day😂😂😂thank you

  2. None of these new so called parodies even come closer to collegehumor ones.Those were the ones.Make you laugh out loud.These new ones….meh.

  3. Well I think apple can do that, like electricute you if you leave a bad review about their devices🤣🤣

  4. And I love what you did with the stupid “one more thing” shit. Apple really doesn’t innovate much nowadays by repeating this crap over and over again.

  5. Fantastic clip. Exactly!

    I am still watching this on iPhone6s plus and I just love it. Last good iPhone with headphones jack. I don’t actually need any of the newer stupid features like 1000 dollar emoji machine. Love I can plug it in just everywhere and play my music and I can charge at the same time. 😀

  6. Even if they make iPhones worse and double the price people will still buy -_-

  7. just got my xs today. Im not a stupid ass that upgraded from the x. I upgraded from the galaxy s5. Wanted a change in user environment plus i have a MacBook

  8. lmao android users really love stroking their own cock over a smartphone choice

  9. no matter what you say apple is richer than you and your dad so mastrubrate while seeing your moms photo and go to sleep and don't wakeup till 99 years fucking useless piece of shit calling you piece of shit is also disrespect to shit

  10. "I don't know how to use a basic operating system on an android device, therefore the scaled down version equivalent to what a five year old can do works best for me." -every iSheep defending Apple

  11. Oh my God she quit YouTube no one likes you I mean you make boring videos you don't post videos every single day oh yes sorry to be mean but you're ugly your ugly

  12. i can buy an actual big aquarium ,a VR set to play that stupid game , a decent camera , and a cheap android phone for less than 750$ . So let Apple shove apples in their asses (fuck themselves in other words)

  13. apple is pushing the shit too much , people should stop buying this shit until they lower the prices to a range that "respects" the customer . in my opinion , 700$ for XS and 400$ for XR is more than enough . I'm sure their sells would ,at least, double if the prices was like that

  14. I used to have the iPhone 4 (it wasn't mine of course it was my moms) and then I use android (I got my own phone but hardly use it anymore) but if I got another phone I rather have a iPhone 6s and/or 6s plus the new iPhones are shit now.

  15. I am an Apple man from very beginning. I mean very beginning. And no more. Now it is faggotty, boring globalist corp. I just bought my first Android phone. And your stuff is funny!

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