iPhone XS vs. Pixel 3 camera shootout

Does the Google Pixel 3 or Apple iPhone XS have the better camera?

Watch the Pixel 3 take on the iPhone XR:

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  1. I genuinely don't understand why anyone would want a beauty mode on their phone, it looks ridiculous and super artificial.

  2. diffrent angle can make a diff result…you should take it at same angle and same distance to make it fair…soo we know the diff betwen them

  3. Put simple, Pixel 3 way better, the moment when you showed the pic of the van at the beginning and stated “both phones are neck to neck” I finished watching.

  4. iPhone is the better camera phone because of it's great still photos and superior video capabilities
    Pixel 3 is king of still photos but man it's not contest in the video department; at least the iPhone won some / went toe to toe in some of the still photo contests
    iPhone overall winner this generation

  5. Stills > Pixel
    Portrait > Pixel
    Video recording > iPhone
    Video stability > Pixel
    Low light > Pixel
    Beauty filter > iPhone
    Video audio > iPhone
    This is by Pixel 2 user and I've judge this honestly!!! No favorites here.

  6. Pixel 3/3xl wins overall ..

    has the best features of both ecosystems
    pure android and iOS

    no bloatware

    plus more ….
    Google exclusives

    first and frequent updates on androids .

    free unlimited cloud storage.
    (does your phone have that?)

    Google duplex
    call screen
    night sight
    flip to shhh
    etc etc

    Google's apps are being used by everyone on the planet ..
    even hardcore Apple users….
    but not vice versa….

  7. Both the cameras are very good.. iPhone is just a bit better in multiple situations and also in Videos.. Now people who cannot afford an iPhone or hate apple are gonna disagree to this anyway ???

  8. Im apple fanboy but no doubt the pixel three is much better, if i wanna buy iphone i will buy later if apple has make a better camera maybe later apple make bokeh video, and remember brand like apple have a mines and people care, but if brand like google pixel has mines people doesn’t care

  9. For me the still images look similar between the two phones. While the iPhone XS totally smokes the pixel 3 in video capture along with the sound as well as slow motion video. The low light video recording is also far better in the iPhone XS.

  10. I'm just happy and thankful these 2 beat the overpriced and overhyped (already forgotten) Galaxy Note 9… ?

  11. both of them have very good camera.. performance of the phone is good which 1 would be worth buying in India.

  12. Pixel 3 has a markedly better camera going by all the reviews posted online. The iPhone is better in the zoom and video department, but not by that much

  13. price is not legit.. stop buying to get lower prices -.- it only mass consumption

  14. After Nexus 6p, pixel lost some features for the cam but still I'd be happy to have a pixel 3 (not xl) ..but I see why iPhone X's pulls a but ahead for the cam

  15. Well, it proof that Pixel 3 only give best result for photo. The video is still need more improvement – no huge improvement compared with Pixel 2. Otherwise iPhone is trying to give the best both photo and video and it proof this year iPhone make a history of overhauling iPhones camera. I think I will switch over to iPhone and say goodbye to my Pixel 2.

  16. Pixel 3 is obviously better at photos but people still think the iPhone takes the win for that, like can you see properly or not? ??

  17. im an android bias, but the iphone XS camera wins here overall. The iphone XS costs 25% more tho'

  18. Why not add the Huawei p20 Pro to the review to know the Best smartphone in photography??

  19. Hi CNET,. thanks for the key points. Really useful. Csn you please share the link to the Pixel 3 case cover which you're using.?

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