Is the Apple iPhone upgrade program right for you?

Choosing between Apple’s iPhone upgrade program and what the carriers have to offer? Here’s a guide on which may be right for you.

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  1. So what the apple upgrade program does is basically saying you pay $50 a month to rent a iphone x for 12 month then rent a newer one 12 month later.

  2. I mean.. you can keep the phone if you’ve paid it off for 24 months.. the upgrade program is there to prevent paying 24 months for one phone..
    After 12 months you can upgrade your phone.. then the plan will reset, so you’re upgrading to prevent paying an additional 12 months.
    However, if it’s been 6 months and you want to upgrade.. as long as you’ve made 12 payments you can upgrade

    For example. 1. If I want the iPhone 8 plus I’d pay $40 a month for 24 months to keep the phone.

    2. if I want the iPhone 8 Plus I would pay 12 monthly payments and upgrade right away when the next iPhone comes out.
    Then the plan goes in a continuous loop.

  3. This is COMPLETELY wrong. Wow such bad information.

    Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program is NOT a lease, it’s a financing loan. You OWN the iPhone if and after you complete the full 24 month term. Versus ANY of the carriers “Leases”, after you pay your monthly determined payment term you:
    A) MUST RETURN the iPhone or
    B) Pay the “Payoff/Buyout” remaining balance/payment to OWN the iPhone.

    The iUP gives you the option to “upgrade” to a different iPhone at 50% (12 months) paid. That way if you’re one who upgrades every year you only pay HALF of the iPhone and HALF of the AppleCare (which is automatically included) when trading in at the programs 12 month (halfway) term. And not stuck taking a huge depreciation hit on the value if you try to sell it privately after a year to buy the next newest iPhone.

  4. I would like to be apart of this plan but i would like to know could i keep my iPhone.  While getting it from Apple if i do not upgrade everytime ? HELP ME OUT

  5. So should I still pay for insurance with my wireless if it's jus applecare

  6. So what if I already bought the iPhone and I'm waiting on the next IPhone can I still get the other phone for free?

  7. If I were to buy a used iPhone 7 would it be eligible for the upgrade program or would it have had to be something the original owner chose upon buying?

  8. I just got a seven and I have the iPhone forever plan do I get to keep my phone7 once I upgrade to the future iPhone or do I have to trade it in

  9. Eu moro no Brasil e vou todos os anos para os EUA. Não tenho endereço
    lá. Tenho cartão de crédito internacional. Os iPhones desse plano são
    desbloqueados ? Consigo fazer esse plano morando no Brasil ?

  10. what if my phone is totally destroyed when I trade it in to get the upgrade will they take it?

  11. Ok question. Let's say I use the iPhone upgrade plan with an iPhone 7. I pay apple for the phone and still pay AT&T?

  12. I would just like to correct a HUGE misconception. This is NOT a lease. You have the option to keep making payments on your phone until the 2 years is up. After those 2 years, you OWN the phone. This is nowhere near a leasing plan. The reason that we give you the option to hand in your phone after a year is because we like to give you the opportunity to have the latest and greatest without having 14,609 different financed phones.

  13. If you pay for an iphone for 2 years with apples plan do you keep the iphone?

  14. So now when you buy a i phone out right you still have to pay monthly finances this isn't a car or a house it's a phone you shouldn't have to be forced into this irrational bull shit some people don't want to upgrade every year they have other expenses to pay why can't it be optional.So it basically defeats the purpose of buying it out right when you still have to pay monthly payments.This is mind boggling that a billion dollar company will force this plan on people to upgrade every year this apple company has gotten rotten to the core.

  15. I thought about liking this video, then i watched it untill the end…

  16. The term "handset" does not apply to mobile phones because the entire phone is in your hands. (It's not a separate "set".)

  17. So yea, why isn't there an upgrade program for Samsung phones in the Android space.

  18. and most of these will then end up in asian markets all refurbished and shit…

  19. So, i'm still confused… I"m off-contract with Sprint… Should I use my 'free' upgrade and a 2 year contract… or …?… its hard for me to choose… I am a heavy data user, and been with Sprint for a long time, and have unlimited data… but there seems to be a catch that i'm missing…

  20. With AT&T Next 12 you don't have to pay to upgrade. You would just turn in the old phone after the 12 months. You would only pay to upgrade if you were upgrading before the 12 months.

  21. Look at all the apples haters here. Thinking their own brand is looking after them. Their own brand of choice couldn't give a shit about them. Hence why Apple is doing this, and doing it first. Soon enough other companies will follow as well. Just another way Apple think outside the box, not just adding shit loads of features to phones and offering shit OS's.

  22. I have iPhone 6 Plus 64gb on att for installment plan of 12 month is $45 and insurance of $7/ month. So I would rather go to Apple own plan.

  23. You are getting poorer and poorer and apple is getting richer and Yes richer

  24. Apple people honestly can use the iphone from 4 years ago and not notice the difference because their demo are tech-plebs and moms.

  25. BLAH! I just sold my soul for 2 years for the Galaxy S6. I looove the phone but I just got a fancy camera and Android destroys the photos you post to instagram. Guess I could use an iTouch.

  26. just buy the phone but the S version only so you only update every 2 years..

  27. Apple: Finding more ways to siphon your money for years to come 😉

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