Is this the Galaxy Note 9?

Samsung is thinking about creating a phone that features a notch at the top of its display. The company filed for a patent that includes the signature notch from Apple’s iPhone X. Could this possibly be the upcoming Galaxy Note 9?

Ben Geskin:

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  1. Samsung's not gonna do a notch. That's just Samsung's thing. That patent is for a budget Samsung phone. There is no way they would move the samera to the corner on a note, because people often use them on a table and that corner camera would kill that.

  2. No they are not it will be stupid if they do since they took shots to apple for the notch

  3. Well, that is probably for a china phone that samsung makes patents for that was falsely accused of being the s9 mini. It's just a mid-range phone that is mid-low priced that looks like an iPhone X so the Chinese will buy it.

  4. The notch just makes the phone looks like its experiencing male pattern baldness…
    We don't want fingerprint scanner!
    Its a worst form of security as I can only change it 9 times.
    Anyone can just place my finger on the phone easily and access my phone.

    We want super long lasting battery and high res displays, ear phone jacks replaceable battery and storage that's all.

  5. I think that the notch looks pretty stupid, but I do want as little bezel overall. So as soon as you, Samsung, figures out how to put the sensors camera and speaker under the screen please get rid of the utterly ridiculous looking notch.

  6. I like the notch. I always have, ever since the iPhone X. It's an easy way for me to tell which way is up. 🙂

  7. Srsly… Its not gonna get a Notch. The camera from the back will flip over from the front. Samsung wouldn't make fun of the notch on the iPhone X if they're doing it.

  8. last I checked the essential phone came out august 9th 2017 8 months before this video came out.

  9. I'm not a fan of the notch. I'd really like to see the chin bezel completely removed, but keep the top bezel for the tume being until they can find a way to completely remove both. I would also really like to see 2 front-firing speakers. Maybe they could make a long one on the chin and another one on the top. Both between the edge of the display and the edge of the phone.

  10. Front facing speakers, IR blaster, bigger battery and headphone jack would be appreciated… Instead of a freaking notch

  11. wrong, look at the camera set up, why would they go back to the horizontal camera set up

  12. First they make fun of iphone later they copy. What a fucking bunch of losers.

  13. No bixby button, schematics are fake. They wouldn’t get rid of the bixby button

  14. Bro, Samsung is not going to do the notch thing! I can guarantee that! Samsung does not follow trends or other companies ideas of what's nice looking. They listen to there fans and team of engineers. The fan DO NOT want the notch. What will they gain from putting a notch on the phone aside more screen to Body ratio? They still have the best design on the market with its flagship models. Notch is not wanted and definitely not needed.

  15. No notch on the Note or any future Samsung phones. I will NEVER buy a NOTCH phone. That's BS. Sorry. I mean UGLY SH!T.

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