Kobo Arc vs Apple iPad Mini

In this comparison video we look at the mean differences between the Kobo Arc and Mini. These devices have more in common on the hardware level then you might think, we outline why. We also check out the e-reading experience with eBooks, Magazines, Newspapers, Comics and Much More!


  1. you don't have to have that dull qwerty keyboard on either device there are plenty alternatives I like messagEase.

  2. thank you very much guys …. i picked one today the kobo arc and now am happier after this video 🙂 

  3. Kobo Arc is actually 802.11 b/g/n as I have one myself and it says on the box also kobo have a quad-core tablet out whereas ipads are still stuck with dual core processors so i would rather buy a kobo tablet any day than waste my money on an ipad or any of Apple's devices as they are stuck in the past compared to other competitors

  4. You should have done some video streaming i.e. Youtube.  Also the Kobo Arc has 802.11 b/g whereas the mini has 802.11 b/g/n.

  5. wow, you seem to have back luck when it comes to tablets then. 2 in 9 months? im sorry to hear that

  6. Koo arc is a good tablet but I have had two in the last 9 months and they both gone wrong first freezes then stops charge in up and after sale at whsmith is horrible going to get iPad mini see how that goes

  7. they are "released" but are not for sale yet haha. The warehouses dont have them, and the stores do not have them yet.

  8. have you guys had a chance to check the new kobos out? I was thinking about getting the arc but with the new ones coming out Im not sure anymore

  9. there are 3 new tablets coming out from Kobo in a few days

    check it out at Shopereaders com for all pre orders!

  10. The kobo arc has a ti omap 4470, which benchmarks higher than the nexus 7. It's speakers are also better.

  11. Yeah, it's hard. I must say that the battery is very long-lasting (almost all-day) and the soud quality is very good (it rises a high volume without losing quality) but, well, I can´t enter to a lot of web pages. I've read that Kobo's working with FP to create a version for Arc, but while it happens, there will be lots of things missing.

  12. its hard to get a tablet that does everything. there always seems to be something lacking 🙁

  13. You should say that Kobo Arc doesn't support Flash Player, so you can't enter to thousands of web pages which use it. Also can't access to any file in Soundcloud. It doesn't have Bluetooth. Oh, it doesn't have back camera, and it's super difficult to take a picture to anything that is not the photographer himself.

    I really regret buying it, it was a total waste of my hard-saved money :'C

  14. After viewing you compare the Kobo vs iPad mini and Nexus 7 videos I think I will be buying a Kobo Arc since I mostly looking for an ereader for reading books, paper..etc.

  15. 1 inch is the difference. And for a comic reader is a big difference.

  16. I personally feel like the arc has better battery life. I have both the mini and the arc, arc is my favourite for reading hands down.

  17. Thanks for a great review I think I like the kobo Arc better its more for the reader

  18. Thanks for the review. I'm not entirely convinced I want to buy a Kobo Arc. I'm still really happy with my Kobo Touch.

  19. I think something that should be mentioned here is that apple does offer a Kobo app for all its devices, in which you can have all the benefits of a Kobo ereader on your iPad. You're not limited to ibooks, or even the kobo app when it comes to the apple iPad.

  20. You didn t mention if you could read the ipad mini iin the sunlight. Very important for ereaders… Thanx

  21. i agree with @pacomacman your grasping for straws with the kobo. i mean. i love android and i have a gs3. but no second rate android tablet can compare to Ipad. i mean. its just as steve wozniak? (idk if thats how you spell it) said,"People don't want tablets, they want Ipads."

  22. I think you should go back to grade five so you understand your big mistake in the phrase "your a fanboy". The rest of what you wrote is a clear indicator of your actual emotional age.

  23. Umm, Nexus 10 doesn't stand a chance next to my Google 42 device….. the resolution is absolute killer!

    sorry to burst your bubble 😉

  24. The Kobo Arc is designed to be more drop-proof. I do have to agree that it looks a bit less sleek, though.
    The New iPad, which is large, is far superior, but iPad Mini seems to have been released in kind of a rush. Currently, Kobo Arc seems better. When they make a re-release of iPad Mini, it'll probably be a better device.
    iPad isn't really made for reading the way Kobo is, though.

  25. android FTW over outdated and boring ios. I do have to admit the build quality is better on the ipad though.

  26. You say mean instead of main in the description.. honestly? and STOP BREATHING IN THE MIC, MY GOD!

  27. I have to admit that you guys did a bad job in this review. Peter admits that he hates IOS and is an Android fanboy, so of course he's always going to pick the Android device. Michael, Hates the iPad Mini because it's not the big iPad. All of his criticisms were the mini's deficiencies vs the big iPad not vs the Kobo which was what the comparison was suppose to be all about. Both of your biases colored your judgment in this comparison. BAD JOB!

  28. As an old man, size is much more important to me than other, superficial features. I can't help but notice how much bigger the iPad Mini screen is than the Kobo. I need something I can see, and the 7 inch tablets are just too small. Therefore, I have to disagree with my boys this time and go with the Mini.

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