Latest New Utopia VR 360 3D VR Headset + Apple IOS Bluetooth Controller Setup 2016

This is the Newest & Latest Utopia 360 3D VR Headset by ReTrak with Bluetooth controller for Apple IOS iPhone, iTouch & Android Devices.

Unboxing Latest Only Gamepad/Controller That Works With Apple iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPod Touch 5th generation IOS:

Latest On How to sync remote with Apple IOS:

Unboxing EVO NEXT VR Headset:

Unboxing Utopia 360 VR + Bluetooth Controller:…


  1. When I use this for vr videos, I can’t see anything in 360 it’s all flat. Help please.

  2. can you see white border around your phones or not?

  3. Ok so, I have the newest iPhone and the newest update available. I get the controller set up fine, but it doesn’t stay connected to the phone

  4. Does it wor in vivitar head seat I got the head set at Edmonton toysrus? Do you know it it works on eny vr games like Rick and Morty or some thing? I Riley don't know what I'm doing ? Can you ad to of those? Pleas help ….

  5. Ima save you some time! It doesn’t work for vr games! Only videos and music on iPhone. Since it is not open source. Also

    You need a gaming vr game that also accepts a third party controller . Both vr and controller. Not vr controller but gaming controller!

    I love my 10$ vr head set ! YouTube and most tweaks can download vr movies!for ten bucks! It’s dope!!!

  6. How did you get the screen to be a split screen? I want to watch my vudu movies on it. Is that possible?

  7. must not work with ios 11 i’m not getting sh*t my controller is jacked up

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