LG Stylo 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 | Full Comparison

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  1. The Stylo 4 does not cost only $79. It is far less expensive than a Note 9 but not all that much.

  2. To be honest, I'm not really a tech guy, but when I saw you comparing these two, I had to watch. I haven't upgraded to 4 yet, but I had the Stylo 1,2,and 3 loved them all. Galaxy Note 9 looks awesome, but even if you take it's price out of the equation, I just don't need a phone to be that damn good LOL. Great phone, but even for the extra performance over the Stylo 4, I wouldn't buy it at half that price.

  3. My mother has a stylo 3 and I just hate how it feels, I needed a new phone last month and just bought a new note 8 for $530. Since I could not afford a note 9

  4. If you do not have money to throw around for a great phone on Ebay buy the ZTE ZMAX Pro for $40 to $140! Now if you have money to waste on expensive toys then by all means by the Samsung above to watch it depreciate!

  5. I wonder if turning animation speed to .5 or even 0 would give the Stylo 4 some speed.

  6. I have a Google Pixel 2 XL and have to admit the LG Stylo 4 is a beast for the price.

  7. 1100? I wish i could make my font bigger!!! That's insane!!! That's like 3 car payments…

  8. I love the note series. I still have my note 4…. I'm happy it still works. I used the money to get a new laptop for school instead of a new phone. I'm glad I'm saving money and not upgrading every year just to have that new phone…

  9. Of course for $1100 phone you are gonna get lots more features but the Samsung Galaxy phone's have been known to have lots of defects,so how can you compare a $79 phone to a $1100 phone.

  10. I have the stylo i love it i would never but a 1000 dollar phone. The stylo is great but if you got money to waste buy the Samsung lg makes a great phone….

  11. Pass Samsung sucks. For there price you can get better phone they are a rippoff. I'd rather stay away from Samsung, too many bad experiences to Even think of them again. I'd rather go quality products, Samsung skimps on Quality, overpriced POS. Got rid of my Samsungs happiest moment of my life ;). Why pay 1k for trash when u can find better quality elsewhere. That's like comparing Apples to Oranges lol, common get outta here with that 💩.

  12. Don't you see that it has a smaller screen diagonal? Right there the comparation stops dead on the tracks. Present us a model good in USA cheaper, with bigger screen diagonal with the same specifications and we buy it right away. Untill then, useless presentations.

  13. Stop buying budget phones if you want true quality, I have been buying budget phones for years and they're fine the first few months, then you will start to experience problems and then you will understand why they are budget phones, basically they are throw away phones

  14. Come on dude, I have both of these phones. You can't compare with galaxy note 9. Stylo 4 is very slow and the price you have said is not correct. I got my stylo 4 in 250 bucks. LG stylo 4 is very slow for average users. Because of that I bought LG g7 thinq.

  15. Me watching on my temporary phone while my s9 has a cracked screen from being dropped one time

  16. I had a style 3 plus and j now have a note 9. Tbh. I think the stylo is just as good as this note 9 🤷🏿‍♀️

  17. Also, I AM THE LAW. And I think, for the money, they're both great products. In fact, you could easily say the "Stylo 4" is the durable "sport" version of the "Note 9".

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