Our Huawei Mate 10 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comparison pits these mighty mobiles against each other, for specs, camera tech, features and speed.

The new Mate 10 Pro offers slick dual-lens camera tech, just like Samsung’s Note 8, while both blowers also pack top-end performance, gorgeous OLED displays and other premium specs. However, there are plenty of differences too, as this comparison shows.

Check out our full Mate 10 Pro hands-on review and comparison with the standard Mate 10,…


  1. both one on the same level, but the Mate 10 Pro have the better chipset with included KI prozessor, no winner is on visual look from the user !!

  2. NOTE 8 hands down 👍 allthough mate 10 is great too, would be my second choice if they run out of note 8 in stores…

  3. Got mate 10 pro instead of note 8 because a) it costs nearly 150$ less, has way better battery life and the speakers on the phone are awesome.

  4. bla bla bla, bla bla bla, way too fast. even before my head can process all the info, you already on next topic.

  5. Audio sound quality need improvement. I can’t hear what you say. Note 10?? Mate 8?? Very confusing switching back and forth between the 2 phones.

  6. I need soundcamp which is exclusively for samsung flagships. Its like garageband for iOS. But better. If huawei has a dedicated DAW, then its a winwin.

  7. Although I have to say the Note 8 is clearly the more advance phone here. I'm still leaning towards the Mate 10 Pro (even without sd slot and headphone jack input) coz the dynamic range of the camera is better (I'm a photography student and I'm planning an Instagram dedicated to smartphone street photography) and it has some handy unique features like the knuckle input, the switching of account with your fingerprint, IR blaster and in general I keep hearing people saying that EMUI stays fast and responsive overtime white touchwiz/Samsung experience (tends to slowdown).

  8. Two main noticeable features of mate 10 are that it can connect to big screen without any need of dock. And it has thot protection. Boom. Samsung you lose😃

  9. He forgot to mention the huawei mate 10 pro has a connectivity to a big screen without any type of dock connector just plug the type c connector to hdmi and its boom you got a pc type device…

  10. huehue, samsung doesnt suport huawei for their display. therefore mate10 got 1080p display noteven 2k.

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