Mi 6X vs Redmi Note 5 Pro Face Unlock Comparison

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The Redmi Note 5 Pro is a very attractive handset for the price range that also brings a host of different features such as fingerprint scanner and face unlock. The Mi 6X is expected to come to India under the Mi A2 branding and also packs in similar security features. This is Sandeep from RevAltas and in this video we compare the unlock speeds on both.

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  1. awesome video as alwz……..sir just wanna ask you…what would you prefer between note 5 pro and asus zen fone max pro…?? i think note 5 pro is best in 15k bracket as everybody is talking about the phone since it is launch..what would you prefer?..please let me know….

  2. There's exam tomorrow. But who cares about that when a new RevAtlas video come up! 🔥

  3. awesome comparison, as u said hope the face unlock on Redmi Note 5 pro gets better with software update!!

  4. I'm very happy that you will reply to all of our comments which is lacking from others . I have a doubt , are all of your video uploaded in 4k quality?

  5. Still waiting eagerly for camera comparison btm nokia 7plus n rn5pro…plz come with that video bro

  6. The best thing about your video is no weast of time ( any useless intro , subscriber note) just 100℅ content
    Liked that

  7. This was the most interesting face unlock test 😍😍😍 those shots were 🔥🔥🔥

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