Time for another massive unboxing of all the new 2018 iPhones (iPhone Xs vs iPhone Xs Max!) and the new Apple Watch series 4!

iPhone Xr coming soon!

Want a chance to win one of the new iPhones? Make sure you’re subscribed to the channel, hit that bell notification for future videos and leave a comment down below! Winner will be picked in two weeks! I’ll be announcing on my social media channel channels so be sure to follow me there!

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  1. Im frm southest asia,i really really like ur video. I want the iphone Xs max!!!pls!!!pls!!!i really need it!i may die without the new iphone xs max!

  2. I know it’s nearly impossible that I would win but F it (Xs Max)

  3. Ive been subscribed for a long time. liked and hit the bell icon I would love the XS max in gold. It would be such a good upgrade from my I Phone 5s that i have had for about 3 years now
    instagram is michaelstrange
    twitter is @Zinto_HD

  4. Awesome video! XS Max in Space Grey would be cool, but I’m sure someone needs it more than me. I’m still making my iPhone 6 Plus work. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I’m entering the giveaway for the IPhone Xs in the space grey color

    @Cam5751 on instagram

  6. Been watching you for awhile! Didn't know I wasmt subscribed!! 😂 subscribed and bell notification on! I have a 6plus and would love a Xs Max in white!!

  7. The XS Max in gold would be ideal. 🤯 My Twitter handle is @chelseam096 and my Instagram handle is @chels_m96 🌀

  8. I would love to win the iphone xs cuz i have a pretty broken iphone 7 and i would really like an upgrade @jonas_d_b on instagram <3 <3 love ur vids

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