New 11” iPad Pro (2018) Unboxing: Apple Pencil 2, Fastest Face ID & Camera Test!

The new iPad Pro (2018) models are incredible. They features huge edge-to-edge displays, better cameras, A12X processors, more balanced stereo speakers and can even charge you iPhone now. And the second-generation Apple Pencil features new double tap functionality for easier switching between tools while drawing or writing.

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  1. I think that if ur paying nearly 1000 for an ipad they should include the Apple Pencil

  2. Hi! Im your fan from Malaysia. Would you mind to share where did you buy the phone case? And what brand is that? It looks nice and match with the gold iPhone

  3. how are you liking the size? i feel like the 12.9 might be a bit overkill for me. its HUGE and im 4"11 XD but we dont have an apple store and everywhere only has teh 12.9 for demo

  4. I kinda want stabilization for video shooting and headphone jack in the iPad. Shorter bezels if possible. Should I wait for the next generation or am I being to picky?

  5. Something I would like to know, has anyone tried to charge an iPhone with the new 18w charger? Really hoping apple releases that as a stand alone product.

  6. why don't apple put ois ????? But this camera quality its oke? Without ois?

  7. all you people taking photos with ipads should just drop dead.

  8. Ew, you get the 11”? Gross, the 12.9 is way better with three column view.

  9. It looks pretty good but too big for me so I decided to keep waiting for the iPad mini 5 until next year.

  10. Thanks for the sound test, at least it sounds better than the previous of the same size iPad but it’s a definite downgrade from the 2015 12.9 inch I’m coming from. Strange comments about the video not being stabilised, very obvious that it is, though digital stabilisation I’m sure. Brighter screen on the 11 inch compared to that older iPad which is great as the older model needed more, but the black levels are pretty terrible. Lots of apps need updating to use the new screen size/ratio, that won’t be an issue on the 12.9 inch as the screen didn’t change.

  11. the reason the video stabilzation looks bad is because for some reason they removed the optical or digital stabilzation

  12. My first time hey y’all I was like “he is so hot “?heyy??I loved your unboxing vid thanks☺️

  13. Awsome i liket ♡♥♥♡♥ good luck im from morocco i want this givet for tired girle cancer :-(:'( if you want realy good luck i share your channel

  14. Just fyi you can unlock the iPad easier by doing tap to wake instead of pushing the power button. Really glad they added that feature to the iPad

  15. I didn’t notice anything wrong in your video no shaking so maybe that’s just me though it looked great.

  16. wow thats weird all the camera photos look super grainy on mine even with proper light

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