NEW Apple Watch 4 (2018) – Leaks & Rumors!

Apple Watch Series 4 (2018) – Leaks, Rumors, Concept & Patents!

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  1. Apple Watch Series 4 might come with a major redesign! Everything you need to know, based on Apple's latest patent applications!

  2. this guy should change his name to 200mph mumbles…he needs to slow down, take the balls out of his mouth and speak while not holding his breath….so annoying to have great content ana schmuck yapping

  3. Circle, of course. But the thing is,… we've been saying that for a while now. But the thing is… "APPLE NEVER LISTENS TO IT'S CUSTOMERS." But Samsung does. Which is one of the reasons why, they're successful.

  4. Detailed sports and fitness functions like those Garmin watches,
    Longer battery life,
    Sleep tracking,
    Unbreakable glass screen (like Garmin and those durable brands)
    I’ll be sold.

  5. I currently have the Apple Watch s3. I like the square design. Hoping Apple doesn’t go with the circular design, I don’t particularly care for circular watches. That’s why I went with a smart watch. I’d like to see the square design a little thinner.

  6. You mentioned something about Apple losing money on the watch band sales if the new watch that is made into the band. Trust me, the price tag will more than compensate for the price of the bands for the life of the watch.
    Now, the other watch they are coming out with you can change the band out. I'm sure it's cheaper vs. the one you cannot change the band out.
    So, Apple is selling two different kinds. They have their butt covered! 😂

  7. Well if the face screen is circular I’m not getting it.,
    I like it square though bigger may be better with a camera

  8. Why does a watch have to be round? Just because they have always been round in the past…? The rectangular is more practical and it needs to be bigger. I only use it as a fitness tracker anyway (running, workouts, yoga, heart rate, etc, etc) My money will go to the rectangular one, not a round one. My „normal“watch (Officine Panerai) is round and to be honest, I hardly ever where it anymore since I‘ve had the Apple watch series 3.

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