New Redmi Note 5 Leaks, Meeting Lew from Unbox Therapy, V30 vs OnePlus 5T,… #AshAnswers 80

The 80th episode of the show where we answer questions that you tweet out, welcome to #AshAnswers 80.

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  1. Turns out the Redmi 5 Plus is actually the Redmi Note 5, we've been waiting for… βˆ†.βˆ†

  2. Ash you are bit dominant but it is also important because in a team leader is important

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    Timestamps for all Questions-

    1:45 Brands marketing 18:9 as bezel-less. Misleading?
    3:03 Redmi Note 5 Snap Dragon 660 Chip?
    4:08 Live with Sony FS7
    4:41 Which broadband does C4e tech use?
    4:50 Which smartphone brand properly responds to feedback of consumers?
    5:33 Best wireless headphones under 10k?
    6:12 Why no collab with Lewis(Unbox Therapy)?
    7:20 Pixel 2 XL over Pixel 2? Worth 20k more? Note8 vs Pixel2 vs Pixel XL?
    9:27 Bangalore in Sundar's Jag?
    10:27 Apartment Hunt Update.
    10:34 Galaxy S7 worth it now?
    11:04 LG V30 plus vs Note8, Pixel 2 XL.
    12:11 How was Bangalore?
    13:25 Mi Max 3 expectations?
    13:37 Best smartphone under 10k,20k,30k?
    14:51 Samsung gear s3 -Samsung pay Update?
    15:14 Impact of increase in custom duties on Indian tech community? Thoughts on Net neutrality.
    16:02 Do you know hindi?
    17:25 Sundar's Discrimination. πŸ˜‚
    18:08 Huawei asking too much for 32 to 64 GB upgrade?
    18:50 International Collab Video?
    19:12 Redmi 5 Update.
    19:56 Pixel 2 vs OP 5T
    20:33 Switch to android from IOS?
    22:00 LG V30 plus for 40k?
    23:38 Experience with Unbox Therapy?
    24:09 LG V30 plus screen issues?
    24:50 Moto G5 plus for 10k or Zenfone 3 for 11k?
    25:43 Pixel 2 XL vs Note 8?
    26:54 Redmi Note 3 Now?
    27:41 SD835 Windows 10 Laptop. Thoughts?
    29:20 Samsung J7 Pro or Oppo F5?
    29:35 Pixel Phones? Love or Hate?
    32:12 Best phone under 15K for potrait mode?
    33:12 Imported LG V20 at 17999? Other options?
    34:58 Mumbai Meetup?
    35:57 Why shorter Ash Answers?
    36:20 Redmi Note 5 Launching Date
    36:38 Is Ash married?
    37:07 Motorola Values ruined by Lenovo takeover?
    38:38 Oreo on Lenovo ZUK Z2?
    39:22 Support CSK?
    39:33 Sundar Haircut?
    39:38 Hackintosh builts?
    39:51 Sell OP5 and get 5T star wars edition?
    40:30 OP 5T vs Galaxy S8 camera?
    40:38 Hitting Sundar Live satisfying? πŸ˜‚
    41:24 Honor 7X + MI A1 dream phone?
    42:10 What is Super chat?
    42:16 Did Ash Drive Sundar's KTM?
    42:37 WWE 2K18 On PS4?
    43:04 Poke Sundar with SIM ejector tool?

  4. Zenphone has a slightly better display than the G5t and it does better in the benchmark performance tests.

  5. Love Chennai as it have charm of old and modern city both and traffic is still better than other metero s

  6. I am proud to see that a C4etech is on supersaf tv. I love this channel

  7. Loved ash's smile for the question regarding switch to Android from iPhone πŸ˜‚

  8. (LG V30+ vs Note 8) & (LG V30+ vs Pixel 2) Speed Test
    Don't want LG V30+ OnePlus 5 as we know the winner (OnePlus 5).

  9. Guys u r the best when it comes to comparisons…so dont ever change it plzzzzzz

  10. Hi Ash.. Why did you not want to mention the Note Edge while you were talking about Sundar's bike..?

  11. What can I give you under the table to pick my question "Mr?Sundar and your software.?" I know Ash has nothing to do with unpicked questions.

    Is there any character count for questions to be picked?
    Are you leaving the single questions while picking the multiple questions in a row?

  12. Every time my question is being neglected. But still, love for Ash continues. We people watch the show together at a friends home, in home theatre.

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