Nokia 6 was one of the most anticipated devices this year and we finally have got our hands on one. Since the review will take a while, we decided to give you a quick camera comparison. The other two devices being compared to the best camera phones are Redmi Note 4 and the Moto E4 Plus. So watch the video and find out which is the best camera smartphone in under 20,000.

Created by: Sreehari

BGM: The Process by Jordan Reddington

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  1. Compare the phone of same price ranges.
    Don't compare moto e4 pluse with nokia 6.
    Nokia cost = Rs. 18000-20000
    redmi note 4 = Rs. 14000
    and moto e4 plus only cost = Rs. 10000

  2. Moto e4 plus video stability and picture quality is awsome in that price range

  3. Is moto e4 plus has eis or ois?? The video of moto looks stabilized.

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