Note 8 (One Year Later) & Note 9 Expectations

A review of how the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has held up after a year! The Galaxy Note 9 will be released August 9th at Unpacked & here are the rumors and expectations for what will be released!


  1. You guys, I make videos every week with little exception. If I am not showing up in your feed hit the notification bell and subscribe to my notifications. Please don’t tell me I haven’t uploaded in a year lol. That’s preposterous.

  2. The fingerprint sensor on my Note8 is great. Much better than the one on my old S8+. Maybe you didn't register them correctly.

  3. Does anyone know how to fix the screen burn in problem?
    My screen is looking slightly pinkish too. 😡
    I want the note 9 but not sure now as my note 4 did the same screen burn in too. ☹

  4. PRO TIP: If you are texting a lot and are worried about burn-in, change your keyboard up. I love SwiftKey. Change your keyboard layout/font/colors every once and awhile and you can avoid burn-in!!

  5. Thanks Erica …i have note 8 got it few months ago…good to know and i love it …i have no problem with the sensor. Face recognition works great ..and the password …

  6. Erica, can you do a speed test multitasking and battery drain comparison test between the 6 gb and 8 gb RAM versions? Trying to decide which one to buy.

  7. I am glad to come across your video! I have been having issues with my screen and I didn't know about burn in on the screen, I used to have a note 4 and never saw that on my screen. I have also had my note 8 for a year and my battery doesn't last well.

  8. Love my note 8. Fast, good camera, stable and no complaints about battery life. S pen is genius. Spent the money on a good case and screen protector and unfortunately have dropped it hard a couple of times with zero damage. I'll trade up to the note 9 eventually. But not in a hurry.

  9. The reason why Samsung has told. Everyone that fornite will be on their phones now it's called marketing. People have been chomping at the bit to get fortnite on mobile. Now that Samsung has announced you can get it on their mobile. The sales of the s8 and s9 s9+ will increase within the next fortnight(see what I did there) when the note gets released clever by Samsung. They will get rid of lots of units within that time. Fantastic strategy.

  10. 1:37 For me, the only time I got burn-in, was when I had a software hack enabled to make the navigation bar black, but turned it off after 6 months after noticing the burn-in. Now, I leave it on the purple tint setting, as that's the setting that closely matches my home and lock screen backgrounds.

    1:48 That probably applies for the stock Samsung input, however, I personally use Gboard as part of my own customisations to make it feel more like it's running stock Android, and I never noticed the burn-in around that area, even though I have the keyboard set to a dark theme.

    2:20 I think I have larger hands than you do, and I was able to reach the fingerprint sensor just fine.

  11. I've had my Note 8 for over a year now. Its rocking the Exynos 9 octa and it hasn't really slowed down at all. I too have zero burn in and I message, browse, twitch and You-tube a lot. Battery life is almost as good as when it was new. To me its still one of the best mobile phones on the planet and until the 9 comes out the best 'phablet' lol.

  12. Ok How much do you download like apps games and more? Do you have most of your memory full…I find that the fingerprint scanner on S8+ works better…Only problem I'm having is pre loaded apps taking up space that you can't delete (b.s) Hopefully they bring a better version with Only necessary apps with option to delete…took me a year but I'm running out Of "Space yo"..

  13. I've had my Snapdragon Tmo Note8 for close to a year. This was my first Note and definitely will not be my last. After experiencing all this beast has had to offer, I took advantage of the pre-order promo my carrier is offering for a $500 discount on the Note9 and a set of decent headphones with the trade in of my 8.

  14. I'm currently using a note 4. Should I upgrade to note 9? My note 4 is awesome and works flawlessly.

  15. It's so lame the note 9 is only being released in Blue or purple…. :/

  16. Note 8 user since release. Runs like the day I got it. I use it for simple media consumption and don't game or do any fancy apps

  17. I've had my Note 8 for not quite a year. And it's the only phone I have. I have had absolutely no burn in or ghosting. My battery life is still good. My camera is still the best around. I have had no problems with the finger print sensor either, it works great. My software is still running just as good and snappy as well. I will be waiting for the Note 10 to upgrade. Especially since many of the 9 features are software, which I'm hoping will eventually be released to the 8 line. The hardware changes alone aren't enough to get me to spend another $800 just a year later, when my phone is still working perfectly.

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