Note 9 Charging Speeds MAY DISAPPOINT | Samsung Foldable Galaxy X Phone NEW DETAIL LEAKED

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Charging Speeds Similar to Galaxy S9 | Samsung Foldable Galaxy X Phone NEW DETAILS LEAKED

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  1. I have the galaxy c9 pro 4000 mAh battery, from 10% to 100 it takes around 100 min.

  2. def. the next wave. Even if it would cost more than to own a phone and a tablet, you're basically paying for convenience.If it cost too much, prices will drop. But yeah, I know it would be hot

  3. That fomdable phone they should have gone all out and done a 4.5 inch into 9 inch tablet. Maybe even bigger. Needs to make a big impact just think sis doesnt really do much considering my Note 8 is close to the 7 inches it's coming in at without folding ect.

  4. cool samsung galaxy note 9 you going to get that phone and are you going to get the samsung foldable galaxy x phone too greg

  5. I have three note 8. No reason to get the Note 9. I'll wait for the S10

  6. The only people that will want a foldable phone are techy people. That's it.

  7. I honestly don't need a foldable phone. Give me a phone with a 2 day battery.

  8. In the beginning the foldable phone from Samsung will probably cost a lot of money. I can't wait to see it though.

  9. I'd buy the foldable phone if it was bigger. 7" closed to 14" when open. They went too small. The battery will be weak on that phone. I think Samsung is not seeing its full potential.

  10. I am not a fan of notches, and I am curious about how the display will work on a foldable phone.

  11. That's a shame on Samsung giving us 4000mAh battery but no fast charge. I hope they make it upto us some how. Hopefully in the future they have something like OnePlus dash charge that makes battery 0 to 100 in 30 mins or even more better. Wireless chargers are quite slow but its slowly improving to be faster.

  12. I think they should bring the x out instead of the s10. That's sad if they can put a bigger battery in that it will take longer to charge.

  13. Who cares? My note8 charging speeds doesn't disappoint me one bit. I'll rather have a battery that keeps up for two years than to have one depleted and shot over the course of that time.

  14. Foldable will be out o"f reach for many. It'll probably catch fire overseas (no pun intended) but state side the GP won't be able to afford a $1500(or more). Note9 well it shouldn't matter much in lieu of better software and better processor. I speculate a major price hike for the 10th iteration. The big thing this year is the new camera upgrades (new sensors coming). Will Sammy finally beat the pixel? Hmmmmm

  15. They said in 2018 the Galaxy x was coming out bullshit but no headphone jack I believe that

  16. We want bigger battery in note 9! Samsung: Ok will do…
    Hey this note 9 charges slower than s9 and old note 8! Samsung: But but, it has a bigger battery…

    It only has quick charge 2.0! Samsung: well everything else is s9 plus components and you were okay with that…


  17. Well if the battery last a good long time,and needs charging at night I have no problem with that. And next year we are going to see some new Design changes in the s10 ,10plus, note10 galaxy x phone from the 8,9 phones?

  18. Thought they discontinued the foldable phone, good to see it's here still

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