We just got our hands on Samsung’s brand new Galaxy Note 9, but unfortunately, it doesn’t really feel like a brand new device, both on the outside, and especially on the inside.

We ran some benchmark tests with the Note 9 and Apple’s iPhone X to see how they compare!

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  1. Scores don't matter as much as real life performance I wanted a budget phone and I have always stuck with Android and the best option seemed to be the OnePlus 3 but now I'm regretting not getting an Apple device they are a lot faster in real life usage even though the androids are faster in performance tests my friend had an se he almost never lagged while doing tasks even gaming was flawless and the processer for se came out one year before OnePlus 3 processer I guess wine things are better about the oneplus 3 but I would have preferred the se

  2. Check all the names of the comments that praise the note 9… they're all asian!!! Samsung is paying indians to farm all comments in favor of the note 9

  3. Good benchmark but they don't make sense anymore as they did. Now is more about what you can do with the power. Note has tons and tons more awesome features like split screen that I use allot. Pen come with lots of great features to.

  4. funny how android fanboys refuses to admit that iphone's chipset is always in the top 1 or 2, and get all salty and mad and refuses to admit the truth, but if the table are turn around say note 9 have better benchmark score than iphone x, all these android fanboy will be so happy bragging and insulting every iphone user ever it's funny, i am once a apple hater and i love android phones, especially sony, htc, samsung maybe and a lot of other brands i will consider buying, but once i used an iphone 5s i get it why some people prefer it over android phones, sure iphone has drawbacks and restrictions on the ios but at the same time provide simple, smooth and fast user experience and you can run every new apps or games without problem whatsoever, i still love android phones but can't afford one right now, but man you fanboys really need to be smarter doesn't matter which fanboy you are, sure hating apple on the expensive price and stupid decisions like removing headphone jack and selling dongle i can get that, but y'all should give credits where it's due in this case the apple's chipset is stupid fast and efficient, also just because someone prefer to buy and use iphone or any apple products are not necessary sheeple, if you complain about apple products being overpriced then be like me buy used one for cheap, android phone market is confusing to new comers or not so tech savvy people, because they don't know what specs they are looking for and price point , iphone in the other hand you buy it and you get the top spec flagship performance device, although one thing i think iphone is meh on is their audio quality is nothing special, android has tons of mods and stuff to tweak the os and not to mention audio quality is godly especially those with a DAC, i love htc phones for their audio quality, build quality, smooth optimized ui, htc 10 is my next phone to get

  5. So because of the unralialable benchmarks the trash iPhone wins I was just thinking despite being an Apple biased channel you would be honest and tell the truth about the Note 9 being better.

  6. … And benchmarks doesnt matter, the title of the video is painstakingly stupid. Iphone still doesnt have pro-mode, split screen functionality. Whats the point?

  7. This video is so stupid. Like how do you even make these test, go revisit your octane test. Like please do your homework before making videos and misleading consumers.

  8. I have to say, as a Note fan, I'm surprised at these results. I'll check other tests to confirm these results.

  9. Note 9 is aimed towards mobile gamers and the processor is that slow? Wow this is really, REALLY disapointing.

  10. Oke and this is my Geekbench score's in Geekbench 4 whit Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB 6GB Ram: Single Core: 3730/ Multicore 9053…. What is wrong whit your device? (Sorry i see Snapdragon 845 mine is exynoss ;))

  11. This isn't how you should conduct a speed test. You perform a real life speed test by running several apps at the same time. Benchmarks have never given the real use speed of a device.

  12. fuck your benchmark iphone X fps is drop on games what a shame . can i throw my iphone to dogs ?

  13. The note 9 is leaps and bounds ahead of the iphone in almost every regard. minus what, the negligible fact that "it's cpu score is slightly below the iphone"? Fuck off.

    Note 9 has better camera, better display, better battery, IT ACTUALLY HAS A HEADPHONE JACK!!
    But no, you choose Iphone because it gets 6 more fps in some dumb synthetic test. Nice.

    Your name should be enough proof to never trust you cause you will always be biased.

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