Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 features the same great camera that came with the Galaxy S9/S9+. We decided to compare it to the iPhone X to see if there were any significant software changes, and the results are actually very surprising.

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  1. SAMSUNG face all mobile phones Even I phone also SAMSUNG is Best & I PHONE also😉

  2. Cada uno es bueno en determinados apartados según lo que veo. Ambos tienen un muy alto nivel, pero me quedo con el iPhone X

  3. iPhone won in this camera battle , the only problem with the iPhone camera is in lowlight scenario

  4. Ehhh just another everything apple pro clone lol, biased as always…….. note 9 won and will win against the next iPhone🤷‍♂️

  5. You need to properly convert your iPhone images to sRGB if you're going to compare them against other phones. Photos captured on iPhone 7 and later take photos in the P3 color gamut and the colors and contrast will only look right when displayed on a color managed display that is capable of displaying that color space, like the iPhone's own display or professional use laptops and monitors. When making a video like this, you need to make sure both photos are the same color space, and if exporting in Rec 709, the color spaces of both photos need to be sRGB as that will match best. I can tell whatever editing program you used was destructive to the iPhone's photo when it was added, as almost all of the photos you show make the iPhone appear more saturated but that isn't the case, it's just that the color values contained within the original file have been incorrectly reassigned during production.

  6. Samsung shots may look surreal but iPhone X camera has a more realistic/natural captures. iOS is iOS.

  7. He should highlight the fact that you can adjust the degree of blurred background in Note 9 before and after snapping a picture.

  8. Lol seriously. Look at the pictures taken by Note 9. They're photoshopped by the camera application where as Iphone gives what it sees. People will only see what they want to see.

  9. Hey I need help.
    My iPhone 6s plus camera has really downgraded for the past month. I see a bit of greyish colour and it gets darker not as bright as it use to….

  10. Here's the thing, though.. With Samsung, if you think the Portrait blur looks fake, you can adjust it AFTER you take the photo, making it a non-issue.

  11. Right… Apple insider doing a Samsung 'comparison'.

    This must have been one of the most unprofessional 'comparisons' out there

  12. The iPhone x justifies the price of their 256gb model just by storage alone. Nothing else, not even a bump in ram. Priced at 1149 lol. So the note 9s 512gb is double the iPhone x storage for only a 100$ more and of course ppl are still complaining. The based iPhone is 999 at 64 GB lol 64gb for a 1k $ phone lol are you serious??? The base note 9 is double the storage at 128gb with the same price. It's literally 50$ more than the note 8, with double the storage of the base note 8. LG, iphone,  pixel , Samsung users get a 300$-450$  discount for upgrdging, knocking the price down to 699-549$, and 950-800$ for 512gb wow. With the base model at 6gb of ram and top model at 8gb of ram. How can you beat that?   Why is it that, none of these so called professional "phone reviewers "hasn't mentioned the trade in discount program, but will mention Fornite. All they say is "it's too expensive " The hate for Samsung is crazy.

  13. Can u gift me a note 9? Because i am so poor to buy this phone. if u gift me this phone i will love very much.

  14. new phone vs almost 1 year old phone that's not fair please wait to release iPhone Xs and try again

  15. Why everyone saying note 9 is better? It's clear that iphone is much better

  16. When taking camera samples from both phones and comparing them to one another, you can see that the Galaxy Note 9 than the iPhone X. However, both phones have superb quality cameras and if you were to have an iPhone X (or any other flagship 2017/18 phone), you would be very satisfied with the quality of the pictures, and you wouldn’t be whining about how other newer phones have cameras that are like 15% better.

  17. Not an iPhone fan but it makes more natural pictures

  18. Samsung needs to turn the face blurring thing off. Everyone looks like bee wax model

  19. Who are waiting for iPhone Xs Plus in next few weeks ? Note9 is great but not great enough to be my phone ! Xs Plus is enough

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