Notebook 9 Pro: Full Feature Tour | Samsung

A strong, durable design with an unbeatable performance to match.
The #Notebook9Pro’s solid design empowers users with the confidence to seamlessly switch between work and play in any setting. #SamsungNotebook

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  1. It would be better if Samsung brings out a midrange laptop series like it brought M + series for phones

  2. I've waited so long for Samsung to re-enter the laptop universe. Now their hardware is complete, we juts need software to work with their phones, tablets, dish washers, washing machines, fridges, aircons, headphones, earphones, TVs, speakers, computers and maybe even one day their cameras

  3. Where ist Nvidia with there new Graphic Cards?? And why is there only a i7 8 Gen into. That don't make sense

  4. Looks like a Samsung Galaxy S5 from 2014. This is what I call new design…

  5. E se tivesse esse computador, mas que ele dobrasse mais uma vez e ficasse igual um celular, ai iria ser um computador, tablet e celular, tudo junto.

  6. Someone tell me the difference between USB-C and Thunderbolt 3. I'm a big dummy

  7. With each new Samsung product I feel the thrill which fans feel when their team shoots a goal in a match! Like: BeAt ThAt ApPleE!!! ?

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