OFFICIAL Samsung Galaxy Note 9 FINAL Leaks, Specs, Release Date and Pricing

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With the official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 announcement mere few weeks away Samsung leaksters have left just about nothing to the imagination. This is everything we know about the Note 9 and this looks like it will be a killer device!

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  1. Please make a revisit video of s8 and how it's performance and battery life has held up all this time

  2. I just upgraded to the S9 and I have no reason to upgrade again. If my teen age daughter would take care of cell phones I would give her my S9 and I would upgrade to the S10

  3. Dude, if that thing don't have a 4000 mAh battery then I won't get it.

  4. The scanner is in the worst place for smudging the camera. what about getting to far from your phone with the spen? but it doesn't beat the s9 in that test, very sad. what about 3d front camera for the better emoji's? Terrible Samsung, it should cost $100 more the the regular s9 phone.

  5. Love my s8+. Nothing else touches the Bluetooth range and reliable BT connection of Samsung phones, although they have their quirks(Bixby, annoying volume reminders, other reminders, etc). I will probably get the N9 due to the dual speakers, improved camera, but if they go with a smaller battery it's a dealbreaker. General consensus is a 4000mah battery, and it'll take that for me to switch. At a year old, my 3500mah s8+ easily lasts all day with medium to heavy use. Same design, but much improved.

  6. Note 8 design is great . I won't slam Samsung for bringing back a very familiar design to the note 9 . I can't expect it to always be revolutionary . The upgrade in battery category is enough for me to upgrade . Stereo speakers, Improved S-pen are bonuses I can't ignore .

  7. Why do you look like someone beat you over the head with a bat and your half unconscious trying to make a video….3:43?

  8. If you are swimming in money than an upgrade is no big deal. On the other hand it is too similar to other phones to run out and spend that much money on something that is similar or does mostly what your current phone does seems silly.

  9. I currently own the note 8 and love it, the question was is it worth switching… I'm not really sure,but I'm going to try it. I'm going to keep my note 8 and buy the note 9 and try it out. Then I'll keep whichever phone works out the best for me. I do believe that a better would be a serious plus right now. When you have a lot of apps running 24/7…extra battery life is seriously needed. I'm just so glad that i can write off … these phones are getting really expensive. When i get mine next month… I'll be sure to tell everyone. Whether I thought it was worth it or not…

  10. Master I'm going with "ice universe" on specs any day over the week. It's going to have a 4000mah battery. That person has been right about everything and all the YouTube phone reviewers, with close to 1 million subscribers, are saying they are 1000% sure it's coming with a 4000mah battey. They also said those geek bench scores are indeed fake. Note 9 is looking to have around 8800 multicore score using the Snapdragon version and it's expected that exynos might break that 9 thousand mark.
    You got me to comment and watch 30 seconds worth so I guess you win but your "predictions" about the note 9 are not true, except for the camera and s-pen

  11. Man, that camera module is f'cking ugly, and the damn FPS is still awkwardly too high. If I get one, it'll definitely be the black one to hide that awkward ass backside as best as possible.

  12. I'm updating from my Note 8 just for the bigger battery. 4000 mmmmm

  13. I've learned not to use skins on my phone. It's like putting on a blanket. Hinders heat dissipation.

  14. S9+ or note 9 is the question I’ll be facing. Any votes?

  15. Samsung galaxy bloat 9 with an ugly back. No IR blaster. Samsung is removing hardwares and installing more 3rd party bloatwares. Along with annoying button for the AI.

  16. I'm still loving my Note 8, and I don't feel the need to upgrade to Note 9. If I wait until the Note 10 I will get that WOW factor. Lol
    I'm more excited to see the new Galaxy Watch, and would consider upgrading to that from my Gear S3 Frontier.

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