Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Keyboard Cover Case Review – Hands On

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  1. what a waste of money , but they should make case like that which extends at the top and bottom to protect the edge

  2. back to the history. ….even smartphones know the real meaning of proverb "history repeats itself."….

  3. I would definitely buy it only because the case it's nice I can careless about the ugly keyboard covering a really nice screen and good looking phone

  4. Could you put a tempered glass screen protector on along with this?

  5. Samsung S7 Edge = Beautiful. Samsung S7 Edge + Keyboard Cover = Bulky Ugly. Better buy Blackberry Android.

  6. I bought the S7 Edge Keyboard Cover however it doesn't connect with my Samsung S7 Edge. Is it because mine is an Asian Version S7 Edge, SM-G7350 not SM-G735F.
    Does anyone knows if the keyboard use NFC or bluetooth to connect each other?

  7. the screen Will not auto resize to 70% Any idea how to solve this problem ?

  8. Uughh u dont need to reverse the qwerty towards phone again and again… Pointless act

  9. now they need to Make a case with a amoled screen on so we can completely hide our phone

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