Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge LED Flip and S-View cases

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– S-View Flip Cover:
– S-View Clear Flip Cover:
– S-View Window Folio Flip:

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  1. Samsung scammy proprietary POS. Instead of using a simple magnet for the auto sleep/wake function and s-view they used 2 magnets, a chip and a piece of metal, I have not found any 3rd party cases that enable these features. Pretty scammy

  2. لا انصح به . جربته وعدم الشاشه خدوش
    لان الغلاف بلاستيك يحك في الشاشه عدم اطراف الشاشه ووسط الشاشه خصوصا اذا تحط الجوال في جيبك

  3. SIR how to customise menu bar/ option under the screen …..please help

  4. This Official led cover of s7 edge have any s7 edge corner scratch issues when you put or out s7 edge in led cover?

  5. that phone has screen bent
    go get it replaced looks weird
    i live under rock btw ☠

  6. Friend…you are repeatedly calling it S View cover but actually its CLEAR VIEW Cover. :))

  7. For the Samsung S7, can you keep the time on, like the always on display. Or can you change the duration it stays on for?

  8. ive had the led flip cover on my note 4 for months and it hasnt scratched the screen in the slightest. I'm struggling to understand how this one would scratch the s7 edge?

  9. I like to carry my phone naked. I put the Samsung clear back cover in my s7 because of the grip it gives you but my protection ultimately is an insurance I got for my phone. With a device this expensive you better get one.

  10. This covers don't protect your screen they scratch it, in fact with gorilla glass 4 this covers is one of only things that will scratch it, when any ordinary piece of dust gets under it just screeches it, you will not avoid it if you use this phone daily.

    only scenario I recommend using it is if you buy four phone just to keep it always at home under the glass and admire it not ever touching and cleaning the screen every hour from any micro dust piece that gets there:)

    I got a warranty screen replacement for my galaxy s7 edge in just 2 weeks after I bought it, my screen got micro scratches on the both sides of edge screen;

    If you don't have warranty on your phone for some reason and you buy this cover you are in 300$ trouble, that's average cost for screen replacement

    I recommend to buy some bumper covers from amazon , thats what I did , now I don't fear for my phone to fall or get hit as I did when it was in this plastic shit…

  11. what i need is this with a crystal clear cover instead blue/black color..So you dont need to open it if you want to touch a button.You can just use your phone with the glass closed.

  12. Clear View Cover scratched my S7 Edge after 3 weeks of usage. Got it on guarantee for a year so I'll replace it after sometime or something hard's gonna happen, but nevertheless it sucks( is the leather one of the same material?

  13. is the led case waterproof? im concerned the led lights wont work after you put water on it.

  14. It's not S-view Cover. It's Clear View Cover. It's two different covers.

  15. how do you get the weather animation on your Samsung Galaxy s7??, I used to love that feature on lg g4. like when it's raining it would show rain animation on the lockscreen

  16. This case scratched the screen of my S6 Edge. Got it replaced by Samsung after weeks filled with discussions. Don't buy this shit.

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