One Plus 5T vs Samsung S8 Plus SPEEDTEST COMPARISON !!

One plus 5t vs samsung s8 plus speedtest comparison…which is faster, we are doing a speedtest between these two smartphones with almost same processors..
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one plus 5t vs mi mix 2 speedtest comparison –


  1. Guys one plus 5t wins because only one thing it has snapdragon 835 chipset so dont think more…one plus has service issues and gallery app issues.

  2. All these comparisons are useless coz most flag ship phones are using quad HD display and one plus is using HD… So it's obvious it will win the speed test coz of animation speed and resolution advantage

  3. S8 plus has better camera better design better display better battery more features expandable memory e.t.c and oneplus 5t is few seconds faster and u guys be like that it is better than s8

  4. Damn samsung has just better 2K display and water and dust resistsnt and so much mote price and op5T beats its easily like a boss haha…

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