OnePlus 3 vs Redmi Note 3 Speed test and multitasking comparison

The OnePlus 3 comes with 6GB LPDDR4 RAM, which is twice of what the Redmi Note 3 packs. Yet, the results of this video are going to surprise you.

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  1. arre yaar fast forwarding kills the entire purpose. we want to see the load times in REAL TIME

  2. u had do the comparison simultaneously.
    This vidio is not fair enough.Do the same again bro

  3. You are using the default version of Oxygen OS. Oneplus 3 had claimed that they kept some restrictions for the RAM management for the battery life to be better. This month, they gave Oxygen OS update and it works perfectly without battery and RAM management issues.

  4. You need to watch some videos that how to do speed test.. And for redmi note 3 you need to switch on the ram management on developer option..

  5. у меня иест xiaomi redmi note 3 pro prime а у друга oneplus 3. мои телефон гаразда скарее работает чем oneplus 3.. xiaomi очен силни и бистри…камера тоже очин крутои…. дниом xiaomi луче снимает.

  6. it s not a redmi note 3. it s a redmi note 3 Pro with 3GB/snapdragon 650/ adreno 510/16mpx..

  7. Dude you should post the link of the OnePlus 3's retest after the RAM fix in your video here, let them see the latest test results rather than the result of this outdated test that you performed. Thanks for your excellent videos!

  8. Just some extra info: after OnePlus fixed the RAM management issue, way more apps can be kept in the background now, much more than the Redmi 3 phones. So don't get confused by this video (which is kind of outdated now) as the OP3 definitely will hold more apps in its RAM since the issue has now officially been fixed by OnePlus.

    Go for the Redmi Note 3 or Redmi 3 Pro if you are on a budget, or else, definitely get the OnePlus 3. It is a much better phone. Except the battery life. That's one area where the Redmi 3 Pro will easily beat the OnePlus 3 again. 😛

  9. now the ram management is fixed on one plus 3 , do this again. it will kick note 3 s ass in speed as well as ram management

  10. great work by Xiaomi redmi note 3 which is less than half the price of op3..👏👏👏

  11. difference in speed test is due to sky force where rn3 almost took 20s but op3 just took 10 to 11s

  12. Bro its already shown several times tht op3 is designed in such a way to not keep many apps in the backgroungd but it can be easily solved by changing the build prop of the phone as shown in xda so bro do the required steps first and then see the multi tasking capability of the op3 .

  13. redmi note 3 isnt far behind. its a beast for its price. op3 ain't worth 27K

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