OnePlus 5 vs iPhone 7, Galaxy S8, Mi 6 Camera Comparison

Fresh off the boat, we put OnePlus 5’s cameras on their paces against Apple’s iPhone 7, Samsung’s Galaxy S8, and Xiaomi’s Mi 6.

Written comparison here:

Piano & Sax by Joakim Karud (


  1. The mi6 is much better than this like wtf did you do with it

  2. I want to buy oneplus 5 but I check on cellphone store and mostly in different SM Malls but they have no oneplus 5. Anyone can you pls. help me, where to buy oneplus 5 here in Philippines??

  3. Hey, where did you buy the OP 5 and Mi 6 in the Philippines? I live in Marikina City. You know any store near my place?

  4. I think s8 win. Mi6 is good but it have some problems with focus

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