[Oneplus 5T] The Trendsetter – Resurrection Remix 6.0 Official Install & preview (Redmi 5A Giveaway)

[Oneplus 5T] The Trendsetter – Resurrection Remix 6.0 Official Install & preview (Redmi 5A Giveaway)

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  1. Yo, u still awesome haha.. But I got sum questions… About the zoe rom… Against the stock, whats the difference (without the fact of another kernel) but yeah whats the difference between the two roms? Also what is in your oppinion the best Kernel? (for 8.0/8.1.0)

  2. You need to factory reset ? Or advanced wipe, wipe everything except internal storage ?

  3. Bro are you facing issue in music player like you have to press two times to play music and pressing volume button stops the music

  4. Hi
    No problems on installation of RR Rom but I can't unlock my 5t after lock. No power button no double tap on display is working.
    Anyone have some idea's?

  5. How do I install Google cam mod and I heard that touch to focus doesn't work on the Google cam???

  6. Bro please make a video on Pixel Camera Mod which exactly works on oneplus 5t with both front and back cams without any error. Waiting from so long that u will come with the best solution.

  7. i love RR and all its features. some they have bought up the code themselves for oreo. the performance unfortunately isn't great compared to others. them basing their roms on LOS isn't good because of performance impacts. i'm currently part way through developing this rom on an AOSP base so it runs better. thanks for the great video?

  8. Is there a way to change the settings theme to dark? And what about accent colors?

  9. bro you are doing great bt one humble resquest you to make video on how to run pixel 2 camera on one plus 5t potarte mode for front camera tnku

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