OnePlus 6T vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9: first look

We spent a short time comparing the OnePlus 6T and Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which are undeniably two Android powered smartphones that are on total opposite ends of the spectrum.

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  1. Decent video, but you should really be comparing the OnePlus 6t with the S9 plus.

  2. I just got the one plus 6t and really wanted the note 9, but I'm really liking the one plus now

  3. so close to a million im gonna be ur 1 million sub give me a phone if i am the million sub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  4. That’s a fair comparison, but I still have to say, S pen > just a normal phone like the rest

  5. The OnePlus6t is probably the best device for its value but it isn't better than the Note 9

  6. IP68, SPen, Wireless charging, +battery, +micro sd, 3.5mm headphone Jack. I'll pay extra for the Note, but the 6T is a really nice bargain. All day over the XR tho.

  7. the main selling difference is the S pen and dock? How about compare features 99% of all users will use?

  8. You can't compare the note 9 to the 6t. I think is not a fair comparation. You could've done the S9+ VS the 6T I guess.

  9. 1000 phones iPads , makes you think now about other real useful things you can buy in life huh? Wake up sheep’s !!!!!

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