OnePlus 7 Pro vs Oppo Reno 10x Zoom – Best Phone? | The Tech Chap

Which is the Best Phone – OnePlus 7 Pro vs Oppo Reno 10x Zoom? I compare the two latest flagships from OnePlus & Oppo to find out which is best – from Design and Performance to Camera & Battery Life!
? OP7 Pro – US: | UK:
? Oppo Reno – US: | UK:

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  1. Well… In fact, one plus is a subsidiary corporation of oppo, so it's understandable that these two phones are similar.

  2. I don’t know..! I’ll take OPPO RENO ! And i like ONEPLUS as well ! , thanks for the review bro! ?

  3. You ..not saying anything.. just I watched another video what had the same phones.. yet it was FLIPPED. Almost every phone the OPPO and ONEPLUS here were better. haha

  4. All youtubers told the camera is best in oppo and its natural but you are telling against everyone.Just think twice man and judge the phone carefully

  5. whats next in the OP line? will they release yearly from now on? still 7t and 7t pro? or what will the lineup be?

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