Oneplus One Screen Replacement (Nothing Let Out)


Replacing the digitizer/Lcd on the One plus One Model number A0001 is completely doable with this nothing left out video. For more of our nothing left out video series feel free to subscribe to our channel!

DIY Kit:
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  1. Bottom part of the screen not working while testing it what to do ? Does it mean the display is faulty or some part of screen touching the body?

  2. Can anyone help me.. My oneplus one screen were blank when turn it on but there's got vibration on it. Does it only the screen problems or otherwise..

  3. Hi, I dropped my oneplus one and since them middle part of the screen is not responding to touch. Top and bottom work fine. Will it resolve if I replace the digitizer only? Digitizer is for 12 dollars in Amazon India.

  4. I replaced my screen and everything was great but now all of a sudden the phone is acting up and the bottom of the touch doesn't work… can someone please help me?

  5. Thank you so much for this tutorial!
    I'm not a very DIY person but I was able to replace my screen and save a lot of money and everything is working perfectly! 🙂

  6. Thank you. I repaired mine while watching your video. Very helpful

  7. hello would just like to say your video tutorial was well explained thankyou your video was my saviour via one+one 🙂

  8. the screwdrivers that were sent with my kit were slighty too big so im stuck with 4 stripped screws holding the cover on…

  9. !!! make sure to remove screw on motherboard by power switch. It will break motherboard. Also the L shaped thing must go down or you will mess up ear piece volume. The L catches the sound. I got mine new from factory and it's down. You can just look and see that. Otherwise thanks this helped 🙂

  10. Hey what if I don't use any epoxy or glue to hold down the screen just nothing will it pop out if I drop my device ?

  11. Man, its so hard to find a replacement that is genuine, but the one in your video looks pretty good, nice vivid colours like the original… No matter how hard I try I can't find a reliable source with the original OEM part. Any ideas?

  12. Please can you tell me wher the cell antenna is on this phone? My phone gets perfect WIFI but I cannot get any cell signal anymore? I have replaced the daugtherboard with no luck.

  13. Great tutorial, but unfortunately I broke my screen two hours after installing new one… Shitty quality screen broke at the top left corner… at least touch works…

  14. what should be used if the small black "thing" around the sreen was also pulled off during a teardown and it needs to be put back on there? epoxy, superglue or just strong double sided adhesive?

  15. You left out mentioning a micro screw that holds the motherboard in place, it's on the bottom left hand corner.

    Pretty important step to miss seeing as I just about snapped the motherboard because you said that it just "pops out"

  16. actually my OneplusOne (bought originally from OnePlus) had the speaker grill 'L' pointing downwards, too.

  17. Hello, can I talk to you ? I have a problem about my laptop, please. Thank You

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