OPPO A57 vs Redmi Note 4 Camera Comparison

OPPO A57 vs Redmi Note 4 Camera Comparison
Oppo A57
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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4
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  1. Oppo A57 Is Not A Good Phone…… Because….it's Camera And Sound Is Amazing……. That's Call.. Oppo CAMERA &MUSIC

  2. These photos remind me of when I was in Vietnam 🙂
    Got a decent deal on a RN4, looking at these photos the camera isnt as bad as what I have heard. I'm not a selfie guy anyway

  3. Sir is Lenovo p2 or red mi note 4 is better, I want better performance, better battery, better audio and better camera. Please help

  4. Oppo = wide selfie & video stabilization is better
    Redmi = Main camera is very good, battery, display and rest all are good.

  5. Bro In Camera phones color variations and brightness Variation Are preset…. but through Manual setting you can Improve these things…

  6. the sheer amount of mi fan boys complaining hurts me
    come on oppo has a better camera and the redmi is better in everything else

  7. Mi note 4 For better processor &huge battery backup…not for camera …if you want camera then goes for samsung s7 edge

  8. why my front camera very bad . huhuk redmi note 4 mediatek . global rom beta .

  9. fuck Oppo a 57 I have mi note 4 and it's camera quality is nice than Oppo

  10. oppo a57 have all features best against redmi note 4.
    only best in redmi note 4 is rom 64gb.

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