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When it rains, it pours. OPPO is the latest brand to launch a new phone in India and their first phone of 2018 is the A83. It focuses on the strong points of OPPO which is the selfie centric camera setup. But also adds in two of the most emerging trends from last year, i.e a taller 18:9 display and face unlock feature. Let’s see what the latest phone in the OPPO A series has to offer.

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  1. This is SICK , Really awesome cinematic videos
    Editing definitely takes too much time and brain 🔥

  2. is this is called perfect camera….lol..thos hdr kinda look like Weird….

  3. At the rate of ₹7000, anyone can get more specs and a fingerprint scanner also.anyone can get a FHD display and a 18:9 display far below it's price. #Oppo #Vivo literally SUCKS.!

  4. Bhai mereko ek cheej ki kaami lagi! Closeup shoot means microshoots honi chahiye thi. Matlab tum jab video recording karte ho tab mobile phone ka design kam dikta hai aur baki environment jdaya dekha hai. Matlab aap samajh rahe ho na? Mobile phone ka close up shoot hona chahiye tha. Taki hum log achi tarah se design dek sake. Thnk you

  5. The processor is good but at 13.5 k u are getting a hd screen! Why?
    And yes the face unlock may be good in broad daylight but think what will happen at night? I am pretty sure we are not yet prepared to ditch the fingerprint scanner all together.

    And if you consider the competition we have mi a1, 7x, honor 9 lite and other phones having dual cams and fhd display.

    Considering the fact that oppo is not even Boasting about the cameras means that its gonna be mediocre.

    So not worth it. Atleast when compared to what the market is offering

  6. hey man your vids are awesome. Can you make a video on how you shoot and edit your videos that would be very helpful.

  7. What I'm supposed to say about video quality ??? It's always excellent whenever I click !!!

  8. Great way to bring camera centric phone under budget but Honor 7X, 9lite and Mi A1 r just better, awesome video bro!!

  9. As people say " your reputation precedes your name "", companies like oppo always had a slightly bad or I would say a more gimmicky reputation attached to it, I actually got to use the oppo f5 recently and it was pretty decent, let's see how this pans out , I wont even talk about the video , you have normalised excellence

  10. what do u think of smart dslr's!!
    having internet access and social media on a dslr would be lit
    canon,sony,nikon are too lazy to do that but…sadly

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