Oppo ColorOS Walkthrough

Link to the Written Procedure/Downloads for this Video:

Every Android manufacturer adds their own UI skin on top of Android as a way to differentiate themselves from other manufacturers also running Android. Oppo, the new Chinese manufacturer getting a decent amount of publicity lately, is no different. Their UI is called ColorOS and it’s, um, different. I figured I’d do a walkthrough of ColorOS to show anyone thinking about…


  1. can i ask a question…
    where i can see my aplication on working ? ex: feature on jelly bean still easier …

  2. I want to port Color OS rom onto my Sony Z1, has anyone tried this and would the camera be compatible?

  3. With the exception of colour os it is an amazing phone along with the one plus one, for rooting and tweaking. Nice video. 

  4. Nice video!

    I see that it includes most of the features that you usally need to install a custom ROM to get. Nice, Oppo. I was afraid that they used something like Huaweis iOS clone. Thats good.

  5. Wow thanks for the walk-through. Can the apps be installed in the SD card? i.e outside the 3GB allocated space for apps.

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