Oppo F1s vs iPhone 7 Plus Speed Test!

Hey Guys! Welcome to Techno Unboxing! Today I will be showing you Oppo F1s vs iPhone 7 Plus Speed Test!

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  1. This is not fair ok,and if this test is truth can u see this two phone price stupid

  2. I think you are wasting yours and our time as well by making these types of bullshits…
    You are comparing like a primary kid without using any third party heavy app which really shows that how much a phone can perform.

  3. There is a setting on an android in developers option
    And it will surely outrun the apple lol why dint you turn it on
    Also the delay of command executions on both phones are different thats why the android was slower altho you can change the delay on Oppo not sure on apple

  4. Ng thì ns iphone ng thì ns oppo hk bt mua cái nào lun 😱 😧

  5. This is an unfair judgment… Believe me oppo f1s upgraded is better than any other phone…

  6. abe chutiye ,,,iss se kya pta chlega open some heavy APPS,,,, GALAXY S8 VS IPHN 7 PLUS VALI video dekhle bachhe

  7. Jesus fucking Christ I have never seen so many Apple fanboys. Not only is this a terrible comparison but the fact that they are so close for the price difference is just another factor to prove how fucking terrible Apple is..

  8. The iPhone is a monster 💣 for me I'll never buy an oppo phone 📱 😃

  9. 0ppo itu hape jelek udah jelek mahal cowo kalo pake oppo berarti orangnya idiot menjijikan hahaha

  10. oppo f1s is good phone but when it came to updates, oppo really sucks at it, its 2017 march end and there is no update of marshmallow yet, my f1s still stuck with 5.1 lolipop and Android O is already out

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  12. you don't even open both apps at the same time then say that this phone is faster. actually just the same speed.

  13. like really how dafuq can u test the speed of the phone by how long it takes to open stock apps? it's obviously just the OS that makes the difference.

  14. Basically your left finger is weaker than your right finger because youre a right handed. So you can click on iphone faster because youre using your right hand.

  15. You did not try the hammer and you did not put booth of them in water I'm sure I phone is going to died I have one 😩but u really love this oppo

  16. Actually opening menu's and things are not so accountable in a speed test.. Inorder to test that we must run some heavy apps or games or multiple apps at the same time .

  17. you cant compare it like that. it looks that the oppo phones are looks fast and more responsive because the speed of the animation is faster but it will lag and drop frames when you keep use it with many app. if you want to compare it, you have to compare like unbox therapy. and you will see how is faster. i know that because i have an iphone and oppo f1 plus

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