In this video let’s check out how the 3 cameras on the OPPO F3 Plus perform and to give it some perspective lets compare the results with images shot by the OnePlus 3T

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  1. I want to purchase oppo f3 plus(6gb ram).it's latest price is 16990 after hdfc card discount it's approximate price is 15200.
    Should I buy this phone in Flipkart deal in 10 to 12 August or look for any other device.
    My first priority is camera.
    Fast charging
    Gd battery backup..
    Give me your previous suggestions.

  2. I bought an oppo f3 plus 6gb ram last month. Loving it so far. Amazing performance.. I see no reviewer has mentioned how fast the internet works on this. Totally mind-blowing. I would keep re buying this just for the amazing internet speed and the video viewing experience thanks to the 6inch screen. Also no lag whatsoever. Only one problem I have is I don't know how to get bokeh effect with this device. Please help me on that

  3. isnt the ois and videoa images better than the 3t?I think selfie and video quality is better on oppo f3+.yeah the pictures may be better on oppo…only on side is good in 3t.what's your idea about my compinion…please reply..and suggest me to buy….iphone 6s/S8+….

  4. Excuse me Sir how about the sound quality the ringtone is loud or low!

  5. Hey Ash, I am looking to buy phone in 20-25k range and considering Oppo F3 Plus and Vivo V5 Plus. Camera and sound quality over headphone are priorities. Which one would you recommend? Does custom audio chip on V5 Plus mean better audio? Thanks!

  6. ky bakwas review h bhai koi ache phones ka karo sade china phones ka review karre ho

  7. Only selphie le ke kya haam jhhat ukdeainge bhn chood? fuck it up oppo!!! LOL

  8. oppo,vivo,gionee phones are overpriced shit!stay away from those gimmicky phones…and ASH great comparision as always bro..

  9. Damn , I felt like f3 plus has better hardware hence can deliver beter images. But oppo failed to optimise. Pure specs makes oppo the real winner

  10. one plus 3T=450$
    oppo F3 Plus = 470$
    iPhone 6s plus = 500$
    Galaxy s7 edge 64gb = 520£
    overall 50$ difference, just eat a McDonald's mc mini instead of a pizza and save 50 bucks and get a s7 edge or 6s plus.
    problem solved

  11. F3 is a total waste…
    just look at the difference in processors
    oneplus 3t is the best in it's range

  12. For Me On YOUTUBE Only 2 Youtube Creators Doing Great Work In Comparisons

    Supersaf Tv And C4Etech , great job bro

  13. Hey Ash #C4Etech I found the video on f3 plus to be better than 3T (except stabilization) please make me understand….. how 3T wins this ???
    Well I'm wearing specs i think that causes the problem!!!! Lol

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