Midrange phones are famous for one of two things – having the latest trends or astounding beautification features for enhanced selfies. Out of the OPPO F5, Vivo V7, Samsung Galaxy J7+ (C7 2017) and Huawei Nova 2i (Mate 10 Lite), which of these four does the best in terms of beautifying the subject without losing realism?

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  1. I've been waiting almost 2weeks for my Huawei nova 2i
    but when saw this
    still wanted to figure it out
    SKL (sharekolang)

  2. If u have good budget,samsung j7 plus is much better, but if ur looking for less budget but better specs of phone nova 2i..

  3. I'm also using oppo f5……… on this smart phone's selfi camera is better than vivo v7 plus in capture photo low light condition……….i thingking oppo f5 is best.

  4. Vivo and Oppo is made by only one company name BBK (CHINA)

    So guys please, This is just a marketing strategy (hypercompetition and more)

    Enjoy the Salad.

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