Hey Guys! I’m Shaizor here from Techno Unboxing and today I’ll be doing Oppo F5 Water Test! I’ve put this phone in the water for 1 minute and the phone wasn’t responding to the touches in the water! so what do you think? Will It Survive?

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Jim Yosef – Link [NCS…


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  2. The phone was not working in the water when u touched because there water was working as a finger touch

  3. Don't do this.
    After that time to charge,
    A message will appear in the display "battery temperature low cannot be charging" Then I went to the service center and completely removed the water inside the mobile

  4. but my oppo f5 youth is dead! unfortunately i was on pool with the cell on my pocket.. for 30s.. Wat shall i do now? Please reply

  5. I have Dropped My OPPO F5 In Water & itS Damaged the whole display!!😞😞😥

  6. Oppo al phone guide this device is not water resistance keep it dry but oppo al phone is water proff
    I am not lie but it is real

  7. This is fake this guy want to test it and show this for people to see it's working

  8. The touch is not working???? ( while it was in water) r u stupid???… the screen will not respond due to the interference of water.

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