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So, not a full comparison since I am not doing well but took out some time from my holidays to do this camera comparison of the OPPO F7 and Vivo V9. Check out the different capture samples from the two phones and also the video recording from the OPPO 7 and the VIVO V9, both the rear camera and the front cameras.

This week, the full comparison between the two phones will also be up with different segments including design, performance, speed test, camera comparison, and battery test. Stay…


  1. Nice and comprehensive review (though the video of the sunset was way too long). From your youtube video, I agree that the Oppo F7's camera seems better – more accurate color reproduction and sharper.

  2. @Gizmo Times, can you compare record a video for Oppo F7 vs. Vivo V9 camera recording @ their highest resolution itself. I mean oppo for its highest 1080p reolution and Vivo for its highest 4k resolution… thanks i really appreciated your video but i want to see the actual difference of "camera recording" at their highest reresolution itself…

  3. if you based in waht you see now in the video recording maybe you will choose oppo f7, but dont forget he used the same resolution1080 p. you forgot tha the vivo v9 has 4k recording. if you base on their highest resolution at the same price surely vivo v9 win… thanks for this video… i like oppo for its speed and battery drain but if you ask me about the camera, yes oppo a little bit better in the vivo when u used same 1080p resolutio… but the company give shot to vivo v9 camera in highest resolution and to use 4k in recording at the ( same price )…. what im talking here is if you want to buy celphone @ the same price with the highest performance of camera… ill choose Vivo V9.

  4. The vivo V9 is not like that,,,U don't know how to use Vivo that all….U just saying Vivo is not goood

  5. Oppo f7 seems far better as compared to vivo v9…f7 colour contrast is natural..Its soothes the eyes
    .whereas v9 colour is warm..Its artificial colour is added..Thankyou

  6. Really difficult competition between these tow devices. I'm confused which one to purchase

  7. FYI… U can't compare a dual camera phone with a single camera device.. Though whatever the specifications single cam could give, but the dual cam is dual.. No comparison and doubt. single cam gives you an artificial system effect on the photos like bokeh, portrait, depth, stabilization etc.. Wherein the dual cam does the original work in all aspects. Think before you say something confidently….!!!!!

  8. Haha here all oppo user πŸ˜„.i v9 user and overall satisfied with the function πŸ€—

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