Oppo Find X Unboxing + Hands-On: A Stunner.


  1. I need some help! I want to get this phone but I go to beaches a lot! How will sand effect it?

  2. The only thinh that is cool in find x is the screen.. nothing else.. your money vs that phone.. your money lost

  3. Oppo said not to worry about the camera pop up, that it is very sturdy and you can open and close the camera about 300k times. That is a crazy amount that I think no one would be able to do while owning this phone for years..

  4. please give me one my phone get loss in my school im never gonna get a phone again sad.

  5. 2NE1 – FALLING IN LOVE. In the midst of a tech video, suddenly the blackjack inside me popped out

  6. Ben Can You Tell Me, When I Turn Down The Brightness I Get A Grey Streak Effect On The Sides And In The Centre Can You See If Your oppo Is The Same Thank You.

  7. Does this phone come in an international version for use in the UK/ US? and can you install stock Android on it to completely get rid of whatever is on it out of the box?

  8. I want the wallpaper shown in thumbnail, it's not oppo's stock wallpaper.

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