Oppo R17 Pro Review: More Cameras, More Batteries, More Speed

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Read the full review: | The Oppo R17 Pro introduces a triple camera system, two batteries, a waterdrop notch, and an in-screen fingerprint sensor all in one smartphone. Is this phone as good as it sounds on paper? Find out in our full review!

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  1. According to the Oppo website and i called customer service personally, there is no (8gb RAM) available atm. Only 6gb RAM with 128GB storage. So i do not know where you got your spec information from????

  2. Good job lahn your sounding less robotic as of recent, seems like you got a speech software update.

  3. my mother's oppo f7 cannot hear ? we can hear them and she cannot hear me? what could be the reason?

  4. Mate removing 3.5mm isn’t simple as that but disappointing

  5. Game over for Apple, china smartphone business is growing, in 4 years is Apple is out of the game !

  6. When you buy Oneplus 6T and they thought you're using Oppo R17 because OnePlus is not as popular as Oppo

  7. I am hoping this comes out into Australia, because the oppo find x, cost so much over here.

    This would be a money saver in the long run. I still have my oppo r7 plus. From 2015, I need a new phone, this will be the one.

  8. Ultra Night Mode looks horrible. It's similar to what the iPixel does: it makes photos look like a unicorn vomited on them.

  9. I would have bought it if it was powered by a Snapdragon 845 but sadly it was a SD710😕

  10. This camera should have been on the 6t…. No doubt it'll be on the 7.

  11. Wow, of android OEM can make 30min full charge, it would be a total joke of iPhone charging time

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