OPPO R9 Plus Review- Better Than Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

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OPPO R9 Plus Version Specifications:
Condition: Brand New
Processor: Snapdragon Octa Core 1.8GHz
Storage: 4GB Ram + 64GB Storage
Camera: 16.0MP + 16.0MP
Screen: 6.0inch FHD 1080p
Simcard: Dual Simcard: 1 Nano Simcard + 1 Micro Simcard
Features: 4G FDD-LTE Network Supported/ Dual Simcard/ Cheap Price

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  1. My S7 EDGE very fast for use EXYNOS I'm don't know with series exynos, is very speed for playing PUBG testing HIGH FRAME and HIGH GRAPHIC very still best than your OPPO

  2. Hey man I need help! I have this phone for about a month and everything was perfect even yesterday, but now, when I record with camera, there is no sound! When I record instagram story or something directly from instagram, everything is fine, there is sound. Same with calls. Obviously mic is working, but there is no sound when I record with camera app! And I need that… How to fix??

  3. looks​ great but old technology .. low Res screen ..652 processor ..Only Android 5 (and Oppo's policy is not to ungrade Android) ..only Bluetooth 4 (not 5) etc. Only attractive if price is right ..

  4. R9 Plus is very bad. IT IS NOT 4K Video too. Only good thing is when you take a day camera shot.
    Night or low light shots or even in nightclubs or dimmed indoor restaurants or other places, is so shit. DO NOT BUY IT if you're planning to take photos at night, indoors or low-light environment.
    Video is only good with 1080p during the day too. At night is just average.
    But their 4K video feature is bullshit. Is laggy & is not smooth at all when you move it. Any movement recorded in 4K is not smooth. There is no settings to make it better too so you're stuck going back to 1080p.

    The camera EXPERT MODE is biggest piece of shit I've ever seen. I wanted to take a brighter photo of the indoor room, so I switched to Expert mode. I purposely set the ISO higher 400 & Exposure to +1.5 or +2, it looks very good & bright on the screen but when I push the button; the photo review is darker than what it was showing on screen before I took it. Way way darker.
    How can Expert Mode be that shit?? So I had to go back to Normal mode just to get a brighter shot but I can't get brighter than normal mode because EXPERT MODE has this flaw.

    Their flash or LED light/torch is very low. You can't make it brighter at all. Bluetooth to speaker is not good too, even if you set the volume to maximum settings.
    Bluetooth to headphones is ok, but I say is ok because my headphones has volume control too.
    Maybe is just the music app pre-installed wasn't good.
    Bluetooth to handsfree is good. Clear & no static while talking

    Video 1080p mkv or MP4 files is good. Plays good. Quite nice screen

    Text Keyboard is not very good at predicting & adding new words of your own to OPPO default dictionary. It isn't easy.
    Basically it isn't user-friendly first few weeks using it. OPPO spell prediction keeps on replacing with their original default words first instead of MY words (which I use everyday, every few hours. EG: the person/town name)

    When phone screen is off, you can use finger-swipe gesture to turn on Flash Light, or play music & few other things without having to unlock your phone. You can go into settings to do this. That's pretty good of OPPO
    And also good of OPPO is this comes already with screen protector too & clear phone case in the box with a super fast charger + cable (VOOC).
    You'll get fully charge quite quick.

    Overall OPPO R9 Plus is 3/10. For the price you pay is only good at watching 1080p mkv files/movies and taking daytime photos & long battery life. Too much downfall to this.
    4K video is the biggest LIE in this OPPO R9 Plus

  5. this phone looks beautiful a bit like iphone but no problem as far as spec.are great. sadly this model isnt available in my country. but one mi phone that i brought from Hong Kong had many preinstalled apps that were completely in Chinese language even when i changed my language to English and made me angry that cant be unstall either thats so annoying.

  6. Wah, how shameless can you be ??? Ripping off someone else's review by taking out the audio and putting in crappy music…..

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