Oppo RealME 1 vs iPhone SE Speed Test | Which is Faster !

oppo realme 1 vs iphone se speedtest comparison…see which is faster, we are doing speedtest between new oppo realme 1 vs old flagship from apple…see who wins..

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  1. Bhai game acceleration ke vajah se oppo ram clear kar raha tha sare apps clear hoge ram se but se background mein apps run kar raha tha
    It's unfair comparision!!

  2. Iphone have just 2gb of ram and realme have 4gb of ram but also iphone beats realme for 4 times ilove iphone se

  3. Realme 2 pro and iphone se camera comparison pls. It will be interesting to see if this new one can beat apple's in same price range

  4. aap jo hi ho aap ko apple ke sath oppo(real me) ka compare karna nhi chaiye kaha he aapple kaha oppo

  5. 2016 vs 2018 lol if u compare iphone x 2018 vs oppo real me 2018 so no one points goes to realme1

  6. Iphone SE used to be very fast long time ago compared to RealME 1. But the update and many more update soon slow down it's performance and fuck up the battery life. 😔

  7. I'm using a RealMe now, after seeing a lot reviews, I bought this. Mine is 64gb/4gb one (1100Rs). It's working blazin' fast. This thing is worth more than it's price.

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