PhoneRadar Talk: OnePlus One & Note 7 Bursts, LG V20 Photos, Redmi Note 4 Launched & more

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  1. LG like all their previous innovations ( rear buttons, quad hd display, laser autofocus) they will introduce it first in the market while the rest of the companies take it to the next level. Nonetheless, it doesn't take away the excitement of what's the LG V20 is gonna be at the IFA 2016. Whatever they are gonna launch it's gonna be the Next Big Thing for sure.

  2. amit VoLTE is not working on Nexus 6p.. huawei says that it's jio fault..and nexus 6p is VoLTE compatible..but jio says that it isnt

  3. but Oneplus One doesn't have type C port
    so us this a thing fine purposely
    he should be happy with a Oneplus 3 if he is saying true

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