Google Pixel 2 XL vs OnePlus 5T vs iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8+ – FAST CHARGING SPEED TEST!
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  1. I'm doing the FIRST ZONEofTECH Q&A , this Saturday! If you have any questions that you want to ask me, and get featured in the video, comment below using the hashtag #AskZoT

  2. My Pixel 2 starts charging from 1% and it is 54% after 18 minutes, so your Pixel 2 XL may have some problems.

  3. That pixel 2 XL charging that you have is complete bullshit mine charges to 40 percent in twenty minutes

  4. why does i phone have fast charge then sell the {expensive ] phone with a lame ass charge

  5. I would've loved to see how fast the 8+ would charge with a fast charger but this was an interesting video 🙂

  6. iPhone 8 and X actually come with a cable and a charger in the box.I just checked my new iPhone X's box.

  7. I can't believe you have to buy a fast charger for the iPhone… Why do people still buy any apple products, they're ripping people off!

  8. I thought the pixel 2 was the phone advertised to be fast at charging!

  9. This is way wrong my iPhone 8 Plus charged close to 50% in 40 min

  10. my oneplus five charges faster than the 5t. prolly bc of the screen and what not but I just found it odd haha

  11. Clearly iphone is the worst. Without that fast charger you will be there all damn day. AND you have to buy a seperate inverter and cable just to have fast charging. Which still isnt as fast as the one + or the s8+, both of which have an even larger battery. The fact that people still buy apple phones is fucking idiotic. The phones are fucking trash and are playing keep up to androids across the board

    Edit:goddamn i fucking hate apple

  12. On the plug brick( sorry I forgot the name) they all charge slower because all power is shared equally and if you put a stronger plug in the one plus would charge in like 20m maybe

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