Redmi Note 3 VS Samsung Galaxy J7 – Speed & Camera Comparison!

Comparison Review of Redmi Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy J7 for Speed and Camera particulars.
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  1. j7 has low ram but it is fast

    and iphone 6s has only 1gb of ram so at this situvation j7 is better

  2. The video guy isn't tapping at the same time, take a closer look, he taps on the j7 early. This is a biased video

  3. ur sim were inserted in j7 thatswhy u r saying it better. anyone if having 2 phones will prefer using phone that is good, as u have u have inserted ur sim in j7 so its psychological that u love that phone and u will give only ur positive aspects on that. so. no need to watch ur video…..

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